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Weekly Quiz Test Your Crypto Knowledge With BeInCrypto’s Weekly Quiz

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In Brief

  • The week has been full of events in the crypto space.
  • Are you sure you haven't missed anything?
  • Take BeInCrypto's quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto industry.
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Take BeInCrypto’s quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto space and to stay on top of what’s hot right now.

Quite a lot of important things have happened over the course of the week. We’ve seen celebrities praising crypto, traditional financial institutions growing their bitcoin (BTC) stash, and cryptocurrencies making new all-time highs, not to mention new partnerships and projects launched.

Are you sure you know everything about what’s been happening in the industry this week? Take BeInCrypto’s quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto space and to stay on top of what’s hot right now.

1. Tesla revealed it bought a large amount of bitcoin in an SEC filing, last month. But how much?

  1. $500 million
  2. $1 billion
  3. $1.5 billion

2. In another Tesla-themed news story, a DeFi derivatives platform announced plans to host sTSLA, a derivative that tracks Tesla stock. Which platform?

  1. Synthetix (SNX)
  2. Aave (AAVE)
  3. Yearn Finance (YFI)

3. Which computer software and hardware company did IOTA partner with, this week?

  1. Dell
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft

4. It has been a stellar week for bitcoin, climbing to set a new all-time high. How high did the top currency go?

  1. $50,687
  2. $49,687
  3. $48,985

5. The banking industry stepped up its cryptocurrency offering, this week. Which famous American bank announced its plans to offer crypto custody to its clients?

  1. Bank of America
  2. BNY Mellon
  3. Wells Fargo

6. Ethereum experienced a surge in value and use too, as the market went to new highs. How high did the network’s gas fees go this week?

  1. $25
  2. $14
  3. $34
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7. Which global e-commerce retail platform hinted at the plans to launch a crypto payments service, this week?

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Etsy

8. Football fans will get the chance to participate in club decisions via blockchain-based fan tokens. Which famous football club launched their own fan token, this week?

  1. Juventus
  2. Paris St. Germain
  3. AC Milan

9. The Binance Universe is redshifting, as it adds more products, its token (BNB) also adds more altitude. Which significant level did the token reach?

  1. $10
  2. $100
  3. $1,000
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10. Finally, Grayscale made a number of filings for cryptocurrency-based ETFs again, this week. Which DeFi tokens were included in the filings?

  2. AAVE, SNX
  3. RSR, CRV

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