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Symbiosis Brings $SIS Token To zkSync

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Updated by Petar Jovanovic

Symbiosis, the innovative cross-chain DEX, now launches its token on the zkSync chain.


Symbiosis is a cross-chain DEX that aggregates liquidity from different blockchains, making it effortless for users to trade any token and transfer their assets across chains. 

The Symbiosis team is thrilled to announce the deployment of $SIS, the governance token of the Symbiosis ecosystem, on zkSync, a layer-two scaling solution that enhanes privacy and throughput for Ethereum and other blockchains.

$SIS serves as a means of staking for running a node in the network of relayers and is rewarded to users as an incentive. Until now, $SIS was deployed only on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum, supporting the veSIS mechanism, token rewards for stable farms, LP farms on DEX, and DAO voting.

Now, Symbiosis is expanding its multi-chain environment by introducing $SIS on zkSync, which marks a significant step forward. The project believes that zero-knowledge proofs are necessary for the blockchain’s privacy and scalability. By having $SIS on zkSync, Symbiosis aims to attract a broader community to its native token.

Symbiosis continues to innovate in the cross-chain space, and zkSync integration is just the beginning. The project is committed to offering exciting updates and expanding its features to create a more seamless and decentralized swapping experience.

About Symbiosis

Symbiosis is the perfect solution for DeFi enthusiasts who want to swap any token with ease and transfer their assets across different blockchains. With just one click, any-to-any cross-chain operations are executed, providing competitive exchange rates and minimal transaction costs.

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