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Realized Cap Increase Suggests BTC Still in Bullish Trend: On-Chain Analysis

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Updated by Ana Alexandre
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In Brief

  • The market cap for BTC has fallen below the realized cap three times.
  • The realized cap for BTC has been increasing significantly since January 21.
  • The realized cap suggests that BTC, ETH & LTC are uptrending.
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The realized cap for bitcoin (BTC) has been moving upwards at an accelerated rate since the beginning of the year.

This is a sign of a bullish trend, and is also present in both ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC).

A similar occurrence is visible in LTC. However, its market cap was below realized cap until November 2020. This period is likely to have marked the price bottom.

Since then, both have been trending upwards, with the latter moving at a more accelerated rate.

The same comparison for ETH is closer to that of BTC than that of LTC. The market cap moved above realized cap in May 2020, confirming the end to the bearish market.

Both have been moving upwards since.

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