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MEXC Global to List Boba Brewery, Driving New Project Success

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

MEXC Global lists Boba Brewery ($BRE), the first fully decentralized fundraising platform in the Boba ecosystem. It will be initially listed on the leading digital asset and cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC Global in the Launchpad session.

The mission of Boba Brewery is to bring world-class projects to the Boba Network and make the platform an innovative community.

The team believes the power of people working together towards a common value is the primary goal when building up the community.

As the first launchpad on the Boba chain, Boba Brewery aims to provide a high-quality optimization of project fundraising.

It prioritizes launching projects on the Boba network to connect investors looking for initial decentralized exchange offerings. Fairness, safety, and transparency are the top missions it seeks to benefit all token holders with any investment size.

To make Boba Brewery an innovative community, it has designed a zero-fee strategy on its smart contract, making participation available to everyone.

The native token $BRE, plays a central role in the Boba Brewery platform. It allows holders to utilize its launchpad, stake their assets, and vote on any upcoming governance proposals.

The token is also designed to be a utility coin and will be used to encourage holders to adopt the protocol. All smart contracts are audited by Certik.

After the IEO on MEXC Global, users can use $BRE tokens to participate in upcoming projects by staking $BRE on the official website.

In addition, all $BRE token holders have the opportunity to participate in its yield farms program by farming $BRE/$ETH or $BRE/$BNB LP tokens from DEX to earn even more rewards.

Users are eligible for higher rate rewards with more LP tokens and longer time staking. NO FEE is required for staking/unstaking transactions on the platform.

MEXC Global has been working closely with Boba Brewery in its early stages.

With the partnership between Boba Brewery and MEXC Global, the powerful platform has the opportunity to access more than seven million users around the globe.

MEXC Global will not only provide $BRE with added liquidity but also become a solid contributor to help Boba Brewery build a more robust community and be able to offer a more fair, secure, and efficient place for new projects. 

Stay tuned to MEXC Global Launchpad for the IEO information in the coming days, and follow Boba Brewery’s official sites for more staking news.

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