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10 Best Crypto Podcasts You Need To Listen to Now

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The crypto space moves quickly, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the developments. Crypto podcasts are an answer to that problem. They’re a great way to learn crypto-related news, crypto investing tips, and gain insight into the market. The growing number of crypto podcasts is a testament to their importance.

Here, we’ll go over the 10 best crypto podcasts that can fit a variety of needs. These podcasts have millions of listeners and have time and again proven their worth.

1. Unchained

crypto podcasts

Former Forbes Editor Laura Shin has interviewed the likes of Vitalik Buterin and CZ. The Unchained podcast is undoubtedly one of the best, covering topics like financial services, technology, health care, and government policy. After all, Shin is a crypto expert. She knows when and how to ask intelligent, relevant questions to her guests while providing deep insight to her listeners.  

Having reporting experience in the crypto industry, she conducts professional interviews with key figures and experts in the crypto field. Some topics include the ConstitutionDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, the future of NFTs, and factors impacting crypto investing.

Sample episodes:

2. Unconfirmed


Unconfirmed is a weekly 20-minute podcast highlighting the week’s top news on the crypto market. It also features the opinions of developers, reporters, company directors, industry experts, and movers and shakers. These podcasts signify a slightly different approach to crypto.

Top tip

This podcast has now been moved to Unchained, but released episodes remain worth a watch.

The spotlight is skewed towards the latest trends in all cryptocurrencies. However, the podcasts is not entirely unreachable for newbies to crypto. The topics range from the latest news to introductory content to suit those that want to test the depths of the crypto pool for the first time. In addition, the topics delve into personal takes and opinions on the next moves from the top gurus in crypto circles.

Laura Shin, who doubles up as an independent journalist, hosts Unconfirmed. Her experience at Forbes and interest in cryptocurrency make her a perfect host for the biggest podcast on cryptocurrency. Together with industry pioneers, she directs all crypto issues, including how the crypto blockchains and assets affect spending, saving, and investing culture.

Some of the best episodes to listen:

3. What Bitcoin Did

what bitcoin did

What Bitcoin Did provides insight into the latest trends and events touching on the crypto industry, specifically bitcoin. Beginners find this podcast a resourceful tool to learn the ropes and further their crypto journey. McCormack started the podcast when he was a newbie to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, newbies are exposed to the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by listening to his earlier podcasts. 

He launched the podcast in late 2017 with the objective of interviewing members of the crypto community, including miners, CEOs, technical developers, and investors, who were the forces that propelled the growth of bitcoin. As part of his quest to learn more about bitcoin, Peter McCormack traveled to 30 countries, interviewing tycoons in the crypto space.

Interviews with crypto enthusiasts, like Vitalik Buterin and Zooko Wilcox, make this podcast a good place for a crypto newbie. It also includes a Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin series to help you get started. McCormack lends an ear to cryptocurrency critics to ensure listeners get a balanced view of both sides of the coin. 

Here are some sample episodes from What Bitcoin Did:

Without a doubt, What Bitcoin Did is an excellent place to jump-start the crypto journey by getting ideas on the latest events in the world of crypto. 

4. Stephan Livera Podcast

stephan livera

Stephan Livera uses his podcasts to dissect serious topics that arise in the cryptocurrency world. This podcast devotes more time to bitcoin, so investors and traders can learn more about the cryptocurrency. The podcast began airing in 2018.

Furthermore, Stephen serves the adoption of cryptocurrency in sports to the ineffectiveness of AML laws in his hour-long episodes that are released 1–2 times weekly. For example, he talks about technical aspects of bitcoin, including the software, network, and energy consumption. He has a few episodes on the layer two channels on how they make life easier. 

This podcast is among the top bitcoin podcasts worldwide. Livera is a leading influencer in the crypto space and co-founder of the Ministry of Nodes — an educational company that offers consultancy services to those new to bitcoin investment.

Episodes worth checking out include:

5. The Pomp Podcast

pomp podcast

The Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano explores various perspectives on diverse topics. He features high-profile CEOs and traders who offer advice to new investors. As a result, Anthony Pompliano’s content carries guests’ opinions and their crypto knowledge. 

Every conversation is unique due to the wide range of topics covered, including the latest news on cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, and how to avoid scams when getting started with cryptocurrencies. 

Anthony Pompliano’s background includes being a growth manager at Snapchat and Facebook, and he is currently managing a crypto investment fund. Pompliano started bitcoin investment and crypto startups in their infancy. Pompliano’s weekly show has featured guests like Mark Cuban, Cathie Wood, Plan B, and Anthony Scaramucci. 

Here are some of the best episodes:

6. The Bad Crypto Podcast

bad crypto podcast

If you are in for something simple, free of technical terminologies, you should consider The Bad Crypto Podcast. Most importantly, their topics are entertaining and perfect for anyone looking to get started in crypto.

The weekly Bad Crypto Podcast hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright covers everything from crypto news to investment strategies. While the hosts are definitely crypto fans, they don’t shy away from calling out scams and bad actors in the industry. In addition, they bring in guests who offer interesting perspectives on the news of the week. 

Aside from news, The Bad Crypto Podcast also covers predictions and price speculations. Don’t expect any financial advice, but the things they talk about are based on reliable data and historical movements.

Sample episodes to listen: 

The podcast suits beginners or enthusiasts who need more knowledge of the crypto market. To date, they have delivered over 200 episodes since launch. Furthermore, the duo also writes blogs with crypto content. 

7. Bankless

crypto podcasts

Bankless is for those looking for a more in-depth view of the cryptosphere. Unlike most podcasts, Bankless don’t place much emphasis on bitcoin. You can access information on the latest crypto performances for altcoins that aren’t popular, as well as ethereum.  

The Bankless podcast is hosted by David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams. The latter is the founder of Mythos Capital, a crypto investment company, and is the author of the DeFi newsletter.

The concept behind Bankless is to free people from the supervision of banks. Ryan Sean Adams explores how people can break free from bank supervision, hence Bankless. It is similar to introducing the bank to other technology solutions and financial services, such as Ethereum and decentralized finance.

Bankless is among the best resources for those who believe in cryptocurrency because it provides solutions to many problems of mainstream markets. If you haven’t made up your mind and are looking for a podcast to convince you, Bankless would be your best choice. 

Some of the sample episodes:

8. Crypto 101

crypto 101

This podcast will help you learn the basics if you are beginning to dive into the crypto world. It is an excellent resource for those who prefer learning deeper analysis and the technical aspects of the crypto field. 

Crypto 101 podcast is released weekly. It is hosted by Aaron Malone, a researcher and crypto advisor, and Bryce Paul, a professional crypto business developer. The podcast targets the average consumer by providing information on the latest news coupled with crypto technical analysis to the general crypto community. The podcast is ideal for all investors.

Those entering the crypto space will appreciate the user-friendly approach of the hosts. Malone and Paul use jargon-free and straightforward language to cut through technical topics. Each episode tackles particular topics on cryptocurrency, including beginner’s guides, such as episode 365, Trading 101 with Avi Felman from Blocktower

Other episodes feature guests with an insider’s look at companies, crypto research findings, and more. This weekly podcast varies in length, so you can plan to spend anywhere from 25 minutes to over an hour listening, depending on the episode. 

You can subscribe to an email list for additional information on tips and tricks from the hosts in between podcast episodes, such as:

9. Token Metrics

crypto podcasts

The Token Metrics Podcast forms part of the larger Token Metrics brand. In other words, Token Metrics is a cryptocurrency investment exchange platform that aims to offer a unique approach to ICO investing by sharing and educating its audience. 

Its humble beginnings started with YouTube videos and two weekly live streams that allowed them to share and document their research process. In addition to research and answers to questions, the viewers were given free access to the spreadsheet that laid out their approach. 

Founder Ian Balina is an expert in computer engineering and software development. This explains the difference in his approach to crypto investing that the company refers to as a “data-driven, Moneyball” approach. Token Metrics Podcast handles topics on blockchain and cryptocurrency news analysis and investment strategies. 

Some of the Token Metrics podcast-hosted episodes are under five minutes short clips but are nevertheless valuable. 

Topics include:

10. Uncommon Core

crypto podcasts

The Uncommon Core podcast delves into a mixture of technology, sociopolitical world, and provides philosophical solutions to investors. Hosted by Su Zhu, the CEO and founder of Three Arrows Capital, one of the leading trading firms in crypto, and Hasu, a crypto researcher and writer, this podcast explores the big ideas in crypto from first principles.

Uncommon conversations explore the financial services altogether in line with the transformative nature of the trust-minimized currency. Su Zhu is an exciting persona with philosophical ideas that excite his followers, even more, he is one of the best traders in crypto. 

Topics covered include:

Discover your favorite podcast

Now that you have read about the best crypto podcasts, it is time for you to start listening. By subscribing to a few of these top crypto podcasts, you will be able to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency world. This is an important step if you want to make informed investment decisions regarding cryptocurrencies.

The crypto podcast landscape is constantly changing, so make sure to check back often for new and updated recommendations. We hope you enjoy this list of top crypto podcasts and find them helpful in your journey down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency investing!

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