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Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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If you were in crypto during 2022’s World Cup and following the global football extravaganza, you may have come across a project named Chiliz. A currency for entertainment and sports, Chiliz, along with its native token CHZ, markets itself as a fan token. During this Chiliz price prediction piece, we will explore the concept, fundamentals, tokenomics, and price movement potential of CHZ.

Simply put, Chiliz is the brawn behind Socios — the world’s first fan engagement platform with blockchain as the underlying technology. And that is exactly why CHZ is termed a fan token. Enough said already! Let us delve deeper into this CHZ price prediction model to learn more about this innovative crypto project.

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CHZ price prediction and the role of fundamentals

Chiliz aims to make sports fans integral parts of the teams they follow. The process is simple: some fixed fan tokens (CHZ equivalent) are given to a sporting body that wants to collaborate with Socios. These tokens make their way to the fans, who then have a role in decision-making. Plus, fans also get additional benefits, including personal event connections.

Big football clubs like Paris Saint Germain and Juventus were the first to onboard Socios — the platform connecting Chiliz to the real world. And every club, including the likes of Paris Saint Germain, Juventus, or any other, can bring in their own fan tokens upon paying for them using CHZ tokens. 

Here are a few additional insights to consider:

  1. Chiliz is an Ethereum-based ecosystem. 
  2. Apart from PSG and Juventus, other clubs like Manchester City and FC Barcelona have also onboarded the Socios ecosystem.
  3. The partnerships extend to other sporting organizations, including UFC. 
  4. The entire Socios-Chiliz network uses smart contracts to drive adoption. 

Chiliz looks fundamentally strong. And we do expect CHZ to surge during popular sporting events. However, the price moves were quite underwhelming during the FIFA World Cup, with technical players taking the blame. Yet, the mid-to-long-term Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction remains optimistic.

CHZ also has a celebrated lineup of investors, including Binance Labs. 

Chiliz investors: Messari

Also, here is the official Twitter profile for you to follow the updates if any:

CHZ price forecast and tokenomics

Chiliz is the digital currency relevant to the Socios platform. Also, as it’s buit’son Ethereum, CHZ comes with the ERC-20 tag. And with CHZ, organizations and teams can create their own fan tokens. 

Also, CHZ comes with a fixed token supply of 8.88 billion. At present, 75% of the fixed supply makes the circulating supply. As per the holder statistics, the top 100 CHZ holders make up 82.70% of the circulating supply.

Chiliz holder statistics
Chiliz holder statistics: CoinMarketCap

Both the fixed supply cap and the mint/burn token model make Chiliz a desirable project, keeping the long-term investment in mind. 

Chiliz price forecast and other key metrics

First of all, let us take a gander at the all-time market cap chart. On April 17, 2021, the market cap and trading volume of CHZ peaked at $4.31 billion and $2.34 billion, respectively. As of Jan. 24, 2023, the market cap is under the 1 billion mark, whereas the trading volume is down significantly — $203.74 compared to the peak.

market cap
Chiliz market cap: CoinMarketCap

As the trading volume from the peak has dropped more than the market cap, we can infer that the price volatility of CHZ has increased. Let us head to the price volatility next.

Chiliz price prediction and volatility: Santiment
Chiliz price prediction and volatility: Santiment

The price volatility chart suggests the same. Notice that after dipping significantly by Jan. 13, 2023, the 4-week chart shows an increase in the volatility at CHZ’s CHZ’ser. This is in line with our short-term analysis that hints at a correction. 

active address count
Chiliz price prediction and active address count: Santiment

Finally, if you look at the active address count, Chiliz has been experiencing a drop since the December 2022 highs. However, the chart-specific historical data suggests that prices tend to correct once the active addresses peak. Therefore, it is wise to exercise caution should the active addresses start peaking again. 

Chiliz price prediction and technical analysis

We shall now focus on the short-term and long-term technical analysis of CHZ to predict future prices and make investment calls accordingly.

Here is the weekly chart of the Chiliz — CHZ-USDT trading pair on Binance — to help with pattern location.

raw weekly chart
Chiliz raw weekly chart: TradingView

Pattern identification

Here is CHZ trading in a range to start with. Then comes a peak, which is followed by three lower lows. If the downtrend continues, we can see CHZ making a new lower high while marching forward. However, if, for some reason, Chiliz manages to break above the last lower high, we can expect the trend to reverse. The next path should be laden with higher highs.

Therefore, we shall first initiate a short-term technical analysis to see if the current price action is bullish or bearish. Also, we have marked the last lower high level as the price to breach. 

Short-term analysis

At present, the short-term price action of CHZ is sending out bearish vibes. The trading channel looks like a falling wedge, with CHZ closing in on a possible upper trendline breakout. Meanwhile, the RSI (momentum indicator) is showing some bearish divergence. The momentum makes lower highs while the price action makes higher highs.

short term price action
Chiliz short-term price action: TradingView

Also, if we pull out the simple moving averages, the 200-day moving average line seems to have crossed above the 50-day MA (green line) and the 100-day MA (blue line). Termed death crossovers, this development might signal some bearishness, as opposed to the broader crypto market. 

The bearish short-term nature suggests that the Chiliz price forecast might continue trading in the lower-high territory over the next few weeks. 

Price changes

Let us circle back to the weekly chart to locate the next maximum and minimum price level for CHZ. Here is the weekly chart, but this time with all the crucial points marked on it.

Chiliz price prediction and important points: TradingView
Chiliz price prediction and important points: TradingView

A few observations from the chart above:

  1. It is a forward-moving formation; therefore, we will locate the price percentage and distance changes from M to D.
  2. Notice that not just the lower highs but the Chiliz token prices are also making lower lows, confirming a long-term downtrend.
  3. A higher low might come in handy in disrupting the downtrend and pushing the prices of CHZ higher.

Here are all the price percentages and distance-specific changes marked on the chart:

Chiliz price prediction and price changes: TradingView
Chiliz price prediction and price changes: TradingView

We can ignore the X to A path owing to the sheer enormity of the price hike — something that doesn’doesn’tpossible currently, per the current state of the crypto market. 

PP table
Chiliz price prediction table

Now that we have the data let us calculate the low-to-high and high-to-low averages. The average low-to-high percentage hike and distance come out to be 230.33% and 117 days. Depending on the condition of the crypto market, the high can be 127.64% (lowest hike as per the table) and the distance 161 days (maximum distance as per the table).

The average high-to-low percentage hike and distance values show up as 78.64% and 89 days. The max distance and the percentage drop value might change depending on the state of the crypto market.

Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

We have point D as the last high. We can use the average high-to-low values to plot the next point at $0.0726. This shows that the price of CHZ might just drop lower than its previous low of $0.0817. We expect this low to surface in by March.

Chiliz price prediction 2023
Chiliz price prediction 2023: TradingView

Therefore, the minimum price prediction for Chiliz in 2023 is $0.0726. From this point, we can use the low-to-high figures from above to locate the next high at $0.1656 by August 2023. Notice we have only used the minimum price hike percentage (127.64%) from the table above. After making another lower low, it might become hard for CHZ to push through that aggressively. 

Therefore, the CHZ price prediction for 2023 might just put the high at $0.1656

Projected ROI from the current level: 8.5%

Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Bullish

From the 2023 high, we can expect the price of CHZ to make another low. However, the market conditions may have improved further by the end of 2023. Therefore, we can expect the next dip from the high of $0.1656 to take support at $0.1229 — a level we discovered during the short-term analysis of CHZ.

If CHZ only dips to $0.1229 by the end of 2023, we can expect the next high in 2024 to follow the low-to-high average of 230.33% and 117 days. This dataset puts the Chiliz price prediction 2024 high at $0.4066. We can mark this level E1 as, by this time, we can expect the long lingering downtrend at the Chiliz counter to reverse. 

Chiliz price prediction 2025: TradingView
Chiliz price prediction 2025: TradingView

The low from this point could take support at the 2023 high or at $0.1656. This way, we can expect the newly formed uptrend to continue. From this 2024 low, we can again use the average low-to-high values to identify the Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction for 2025. This level surfaces at $0.5469 and in early 2025.

We can mark this point as D1. 

We can expect the low to respect another support level of $0.2975 (level coinciding with point D). This might be the 2025 low for Chiliz.

Projected ROI from the current level: 258%

Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

From the probable 2025 low, we can draw the next high in 2026 using the average value of 230.33%. Note that if we use the average timeframe of 117 days, this high shows up in 2025 itself. However, keeping some consolidation in mind, we can expect the high to show up by early 2026. This puts the Chiliz price prediction for 2026 at $0.9823.

Chiliz price prediction 2030: TradingView
Chiliz price prediction 2030: TradingView

Using the predicted low for 2025 and high for 2026, we can plot the Fib levels to approximate the path till 2030. Therefore, if Chiliz maintains the same growth curve, we can expect the 2030 price for Chiliz to settle at $5.745.

Projected ROI from the current level: 3662.30%

Chiliz (CHZ) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Very bullish

If you plan on holding CHZ tokens through 2035, the below table indicates the future price and long-term price action of the same:

You can easily convert your CHZ to USD here

Year | Maximum price of CHZ | The minimum price of CHZ

Is this Chiliz price prediction model realistic?

From short-term technical analysis to long-term price projections, this model has every datChiliz’suired for a realistic and attainable model. Moreover, this Chiliz price prediction model also considers the fundamentals, tokenomics, and on-chain metrics relevant to the project. In a volatile crypto market, it is wise to pay attention to the average price projection in any given year as opposed to the identified highs and lows.

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