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Web3 Technical Community Manager
at Patika
about 1 year ago | 854 views | 9 applications

Web3 Technical Community Manager


About the company

We are believers in equal access to opportunities for everyone... and we execute our dreams. Imagine a train-then-hire platform connected to hundreds of companies around the world. Moving talented, diverse people from training straight to jobs. Patika is this platform that millions of youth and companies have been imagining for years, but schools failed to deliver. We are here to change it.

Job Summary

At, our mission is to become the #1 go-to-place for anyone in the world curious about learning and building web3. We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Community Manager who will be responsible for managing our learner and builder community.


📍Our community consists mainly of developers and technical people who aim to switch to a career in web3. You’ll be responsible for nurturing this community.

Alumni Club creation and management: 📍Meet with our course and bootcamp graduates to evaluate their technical skills and career aspirations. Accordingly, invite them to our Alumni Club. 📍Provide support to the Alumni Club members to make them start a career in web3 either through full-time jobs, starting a startup, or winning bounties/hackathons. 📍Organize events and talks with the members to support their career journey. 📍Create a vibrant Alumni community on Discord and through IRL events.

Discord setup and management: 📍Drive planning and structure for our Discord community to create a thriving community. 📍Ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new learners and Alumni. 📍Facilitate community-based learning among Discord users by creating opportunities for them to discuss their experiences with web3, connect with peers, and access guidance from our team members. 📍Work with the bootcamp team to provide the best learning and networking experience on Discord for our bootcamp students. 📍Foster a strong relationship with highly engaged Discord users, recruit the most active 📍Discord users to participate in deeper discussions and events. 📍Help the product and training teams by gathering feedback and insights on our programs from the community, and work to continually improve user experiences based on this feedback.

Online and IRL events: 📍Create and run an ambassador program to empower the most engaged community members to set up local web3 communities all around the world. 📍Create an excellent operational system to closely manage, measure and improve the activities of local communities and meetups.

Collaborate with the greater web3 ecosystem: 📍Set up and manage partnerships with the greater web3 ecosystem to serve our mission of onboarding new talent to web3. 📍Work with the growth and marketing teams to create and manage new marketing and growth strategies. 📍As needed, represent our team at global events.


📍Strong technical background and ability to evaluate web3 projects from a critical perspective. 📍Built and maintained healthy communities successfully. 📍Managed operational projects, demonstrating goal setting, incentivization, and recognition of quality work. 📍A passion for onboarding new talent to web3. 📍Excellent communication skills across various formats (emails, blogs, social media - especially on Twitter) for building and maintaining community relationships. 📍Creative and analytical problem-solving skills, ability to analyze and interpret data to drive actionable insights. 📍Experience troubleshooting technical issues and resolving complaints promptly and effectively. 📍Excellent collaboration and communication skills. 📍Deep understanding and passion for Web3, blockchain, and decentralized technologies; and the developer and product community around the world who has an interest in transitioning to web3.

About us

📍We’re one of the largest developer communities in the world with 170,000+ developers learning on our online education platform. We onboard this talent to web3 through courses and cohort-based bootcamps. Thanks to our partnerships with leading web3 ecosystems such as Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum Foundation and more, we offer all content and bootcamps free-of-charge.

📍Our mission is to become the #1 go-to-place for anyone in the world curious about using and building web3. We create onboarding pathways and communities for talent to learn blockchain technologies and apply them to real use cases solving real problems.

📍We started in 2021. So far, we completed two fundraising rounds with amazing investors including the leading European edtech VC Brighteye VC and co-founder of Udemy.

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