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Time Research
Wallet Development Engineer
5 months ago | 308 views | Be the first one to apply

Wallet Development Engineer


About the company

Time Research was founded by a team of traditional and crypto trading veterans with an average daily trading volume of over $1B USD. We are active and passionate participants who are fully committed to building a better long-term future for the digital asset space, and pride ourselves in maintaining a low profile to focus on what we do best. We have deep expertise in trading, technology and operations, and attribute our success to rigorous scientific research. As a technology and research-driven firm, we design and build our own cutting-edge systems: from high performance trading, large scale data analysis to compute farms.

Job Summary

What You Will Do

📍Responsible for the architectural design and development of the encrypted digital asset wallet system 完成加密数字资产钱包系统的架构设计和开发 📍Responsible for the design, development and optimization of the wallet backend interface 负责钱包后台接口设计开发、和优化 📍Responsible for the development and testing of wallet security-related functions 负责钱包安全相关的功能开发和测试 📍Responsible for the development of wallets for various derivative digital assets and solving business wallet needs 负责针对各种衍生数字资产对应钱包开发,解决业务钱包需求 📍Research cutting-edge technologies in related product fields and track emerging popular public chains and ecology 调研相关产品领域前沿技术,跟踪新兴热门公链及其生态的最新动态

Who You Are

📍Bachelor degree or above in computer-related majors, more than 5 years of work experience, and more than 2 years of practical development experience in digital currency wallets 计算机相关专业本科以上学历,5年以上工作经验(2年以上数字货币钱包实际开发经验) 📍Experienced with C development, experience in Rust is a plus 熟悉C开发,有Rust或Go经验者优先 📍Have experience in developing MPC algorithms or TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) (eg. Enclave) mpc算法或tee可信环境(eg. Enclave)开发经验 📍Familiar with the underlying technology and corresponding development of mainstream public chains (BTC/ETH) 熟悉主流公链 (BTC/ETH)区块链底层技术及其相应开发 📍Experience in security audit of smart contract 熟悉合约安全审计 📍In-depth research on security protocols, encryption algorithms, digital signatures, digital certificates, etc will be a plus 对安全协议、加密算法、数字签名、数字证书等有深入研究优先 📍Strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics, good communication skills and team awareness 责任心与职业道德感强,良好的沟通能力和团队意识

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