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Video Producer and Director
over 1 year ago | 1595 views | 34 applications

Video Producer and Director

New York
Per year
$60,000 To $90,000

About the company

The status quo favors the few with resources. The future favors the resources of the many. We're creating tools for communities to pool resources to propel projects, create micro-enterprises, and purchase assets. Together.

Job Summary

Our full-stack video producer, writer, and content creator will lead our educational and brand marketing content. The world of web3 has been plagued by sensationalist content, highlighting pump and dumps more than innovation. In this role, you'll be responsible for leading a shift away from shady content and into truly valuable resources and storytelling.

You’ll be responsible for creating videos end-to-end, from concepting, to writing, to production, to post and finishing. We’re looking to produce content for YouTube, TikTok, and other short-form video venues.

Ideally, you’ve helped lead or quarterback video production teams in the past. You might have even had experience writing educational series or working on informative video content.

If you have a passion for thoughtful and lucid storytelling, and experience producing content end-to-end, please apply.

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