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Technical Product Manager
at Evmos
7 months ago | 711 views | 5 applications

Technical Product Manager


About the company

Evmos is on a mission to develop and ship the foundational tools necessary for building the cross-chain applications of the future, freeing developers from the confines of today’s siloed blockchains. Our teams are building for a world where the next million Web3 users are simply non-crypto native people. Read our latest manifesto here. Evmos opens a new frontier for blockchain applications, expanding the functionality of the EVM by enabling cross-chain applications that tap the liquidity and user bases of multiple blockchain ecosystems to provide more unified experiences.

Job Summary

Your Responsibilities in the Role

📍Think Forward: Prioritize the core engineering roadmap and align with company goals and CPO 📍Be a Filter: Set priorities and remove blockers for a highly-skilled, driven engineering team to keep them focused on building and learning 📍Keep Scope: Define the technical scope using user stories and work closely with engineers to ensure technical specifications align with the project's scope and goals. 📍Manage Backlog: Maintain and prioritize the Linear board to ensure a clear and well-structured backlog that supports efficient development cycles. 📍Keep in Sync: Lead regular Core Engineering syncs to ensure effective communication and coordination within the engineering team. 📍Team’s Biggest Fan: Be the team's greatest advocate and champion their work both internally and externally. Promote their achievements through marketing efforts and with external partners. 📍Measure: Implement robust monitoring systems to collect essential data and insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making processes

Requirements & Skills

📍Candidates with previous startup and product management experience. 📍Knowledge of blockchain technology and trends, allowing engagement with our blockchain-focused projects. 📍Experience using collaboration tools such as Slack, Linear and Notion to facilitate seamless, focused conversations and effective communication. 📍Adaptable to changing priorities - takes many small steps instead of one big step 📍Motivated by continuous learning and growth, and willing to quickly get up to speed in a dynamic environment - be annoying and ask lots of questions! 📍Can-do attitude and enthusiastic team spirit 📍High attention to detail and can identify, analyse and explain problems well

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