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Technical Designers Design Metaverse
9 months ago | 674 views | 1 applications

Technical Designers Design Metaverse

United Kingdom
Per year
$45,000 To $110,000

About the company

We build interconnected user experiences in the metaverse that meaningfully extend the potential of our lives, providing new opportunities for economic, social and cultural change. These fulfilling online experiences thread through our daily lives, enriching multiplayer games, live interactive events, entertainment and social spaces. As companies and individuals around the world move to create, experiment with and participate in increasingly sophisticated immersive experiences, Improbable can be your trusted partner. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, we can provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, people, expertise and insight to help you realise your ambitions, whatever your needs.

Job Summary

Your Opportunity:

📍Create, expand and utilise game systems, design workflows, and collaborate regularly with other disciplines. 📍Offer valuable insights and feedback on the overall quality of the user experience, drawing from your unique perspective. 📍Craft immersive experiences and mechanics within industry-standard timelines. 📍Provide support for specific aspects of projects, such as interactive spaces, quests, social interactions, dynamic events, balance, and more, as part of broader development efforts.

Why You're Made for This:

📍Embrace Exploration: You're open-minded with the willingness to explore uncharted territory, shaping unique social experiences in virtual spaces. 📍Quick Learner: You can swiftly adapt to new tools. 📍Broad interests: You have experience or are eager to create interactive environments, social interactions, virtual economies, and emergent storytelling. 📍Real-time Expertise: You grasp the significance of real-time interactions, persistent world mechanics, and their impact on user engagement, accessibility, and long-term involvement. 📍Proactive: You're self-driven and capable of managing your own tasks, not afraid to take the initiative. 📍Problem Solver: You excel at identifying issues and actively seek knowledge to enhance future solutions. 📍Engine Proficiency: The ideal candidate is comfortable using Unreal. You must have expertise in at least one game engine (e.g., Unreal Engine 4 or 5, Roblox, Second Life, Modding tools).

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