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Plai Labs
Technical Artist
6 months ago | 517 views | Be the first one to apply

Technical Artist


About the company

Our vision is clear: to transform every user into an innovator, every concept into impact. We’re making AI creation not just accessible, but a natural extension of your thought process—opening the doors to innovation for everyone.

Job Summary


📍Create AAA visual effects for in-game use, that look amazing and don’t hinder performance. Implement art assets and animation implementation in Unity. 📍Solve visual issues and enhance fidelity within Unity with script and tool creation. 📍Responsible for collaboratively developing the production pipeline to ensure efficient asset creation and delivery, and a streamlined process for artists and engineers. 📍Develop shaders in Unity, and collaborate with engineering for parallel development in the game engine. 📍Contribute and assist in other areas like character/environment rigging and FX for creating, debugging, and streamlining asset production.


📍Must have worked on at least two 3D games from conception to completion. 📍A minimum of 3 years of experience working with a video game pipeline or equivalent. 📍Extended knowledge in Unity. 📍Experience working with game engineers. 📍Must be well-rounded in the whole 3D pipeline, especially modeling and animation. 📍Great artistic sensibility and ability to execute the art direction through technical means. 📍Understanding of the technical requirements for optimizing game performance. 📍C# scripting: Ability to understand existing code base and add extensions 📍C# scripting: Load/Unload assets, effects triggering and transform binding, animation transition and states.

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