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Tech Guild
at DIA
7 months ago | 671 views | 2 applications

Tech Guild


About the company

When DIA launched in 2018, it leveraged a community of incentivised developers to source and validate data. This was only the start — a core part of DIA’s mission is to decentralise the organisation and enable a diversely skilled community of like-minds that self-organises to create value for the project. In short: To become a DAO.

Job Summary

Job requirements

📍Contributor: 📍Bounties scope: Software development on top of DIA products. Front-end platforms building, back-end systems engineering, smart contracts development, building bots and setting up tracking systems. 📍Profile: Development experience 1+ years. Ability to independently write code with tests. Requires extensive knowledge of the programming language for the task (backend tasks usually in GO, frontend in 📍React or simple HTML, Solidity or Rust for smart contracts but may vary depending on the task). 📍Experience: Experienced in developing structured code with extensive documentation and tests.

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