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Staking Community Manager
at Obol
about 2 months ago | 252 views | 5 applications

Staking Community Manager

Per year
$112,000 To $170,000

About the company

Obol Labs is a remote-first research and software development team focused on Proof of Stake infrastructure for public blockchain networks. Specific topics of focus are Internet Bonds, Distributed Validator Technology, and Multi-Operator Validation. The core team includes 28 members spread across +12 countries. The core team is building the Obol Network, a protocol to foster trust-minimized staking through multi-operator validation. This will enable low-trust access to Ethereum staking yield, which can be used as a core building block in various Web3 products.

Job Summary


📍Serve as the lead community educator; onboarding and training new aspiring stakers, and managing the community education curriculum and materials. 📍Oversee the Discord community, moderators, and offer 2nd line technical support to the community that the AI bot and moderators cannot manage. 📍Manage the Ambassador Program, including onboarding, training, and guiding Ambassadors to success. 📍Brainstorm, plan, organize, and execute diverse projects and programs to improve the community and grow community staking.


📍Ideal Time zone from GMT-5 to GMT+3. 📍Deep understanding of Ethereum staking and the composition of an Ethereum validator. Technical skills required. Experience or provable knowledge of Ethereum Staking. Previous experience running Ethereum validators. (Mandatory) 📍2+ years experience in community moderation, growth, customer success, or similar roles within a fast-paced startup. 📍Exceptional ability to communicate in English in verbal and written form, and foster positive relationships within the community. 📍Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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