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Sr. DevOps Engineer - Azure
6 months ago | 400 views | 1 applications

Sr. DevOps Engineer - Azure


About the company

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Job Summary

Responsibilities and Duties

📍Envisioning, planning and implementing risk mitigation strategies. 📍Maintaining and improving existing codebases in React, Python, and MongoDB. 📍Implementing and managing Azure services. 📍Managing deployments in Kubernetes, ensuring scalable and robust services. 📍Transitioning operations to Microsoft BI for monitoring. 📍Preparing for and achieving ISO certification. 📍Handling multitenant containers in potentially hostile environments. 📍Identifying and evaluating potential risks in the software development and operations process. 📍Using statistical process control techniques to monitor & remedy processes. 📍Conducting experiments to improve the robustness and resilience of the systems. 📍Influencing relevant stakeholders and assisting in the decision-making process for long-term sustainability.


📍Deep understanding of Microsoft Azure and its suite of services. 📍Knowledge of Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) risk management strategies 📍Expertise with ISO27001, or eagerness to learn and lead its implementation 📍Expertise or eagerness to learn ISO22301 (Business Continuity 📍Management Systems), and ISO20000 (IT Service Management). 📍Good English skills, both spoken and written 📍Deep knowledge of European General Data Protection Regulations, or eagerness to learn Knowledge of statistical process control techniques and how to apply them in a software development and operations context (e.g. with Microsoft BI and Lean Six Sigma or Industrial Engineering methods) 📍Understanding of experimental design and analysis for software. 📍Proficiency in optimizing Advanced Azure processes that leverage React, Python, MongoDB, Kubernetes and diverse APIs. 📍Engineering novel workflows (e.g. Zappier, MS Power Automate, Bubble) 📍Problem-solving and debugging skills. 📍Ability to manage multitenant environments and potential security threats. 📍Skills in scalable and robust system design. 📍Skill in designing and implementing risk mitigation strategies. 📍Teamwork skills to effectively collaborate with peers to create a culture, that helps diverse virtual teams thrive, and support one another, even when the need is outside of their position description. 📍Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and impact on the company’s success.

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