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Solidity Engineer Senior
at Thesis
30 days ago | 102 views | 6 applications

Solidity Engineer Senior

United States
Per year
$90,000 To $117,000

About the company

Thesis* is a crypto venture studio behind the behind Fold, Keep, tBTC, Saddle, and Tally Ho! We’re a fun, down-to-earth, fast-paced, highly collaborative, and fully remote team. We are a cryptocurrency venture studio whose mission is to empower the individual. We seek, fund, and build products and protocols in cryptocurrency and decentralized businesses that enable personal empowerment. Our projects include Keep (now Threshold) Network, a privacy protocol for public blockchains, Fold, for earning Bitcoin on your purchases in the physical and virtual worlds, Saddle, a community owned, open source stablecoin swap protocol, and Tally Ho, a community owned and operated cryptocurrency wallet. Investors in the company include Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and Draper Associates, among others. We are a remote-first company, led by founders who have been operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since 2014.

Job Summary

What You'll Do

📍Prioritize security and communicate your approach to keeping the system secure. 📍Understand and respect Chesterton’s Fence, approaching problems with the intent to perturb existing systems as little as possible until they are well understood. 📍Navigate ambiguity by asking questions rather than making assumptions. 📍Document your work and its motivations to facilitate conversation. 📍Work to identify issues before they hit production through testing practice. 📍Identify and put users first across the full spectrum of your work—from command-line parameters to APIs.


📍At least 3 years experience in a senior role or at least 3 years successful experience as a full stack engineer in a high performance environment. 📍Experience executing against all requirements listed under “What You'll Do”. 📍Strong knowledge of Solidity, including familiarity with standard Solidity tooling and with best practice Solidity patterns like Checks-Effects-Integration.

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