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Software Engineering Specialisation Coach (Low Level Programming/BlockChain)
at ALU
7 months ago | 463 views | Be the first one to apply

Software Engineering Specialisation Coach (Low Level Programming/BlockChain)

Per year
$122,000 To $150,000

About the company

ALU provides higher education for a higher purpose. Our students declare missions, not majors. They develop the real-world skills to take on the world’s most pressing challenges. And they take ownership of their learning from day one through our peer and student-led approach – because ALU believes in the power and agency of young people to start shaping the future right now. Together with a world-class faculty and staff, our students are igniting a ripple of positive impact across Africa and the world. Our mission is not going unnoticed. CNN described ALU — which has campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda — as “The Harvard of Africa;” Fast Company ranked ALU one of the 50 most innovative organizations in the world and the most innovative endeavor in Africa; and The New York Times recognized ALU as one of the eight places in the world “where history is being made.” Join us.

Job Summary


📍Manage the in-person experience for the programme including the academic orientation, induction for the specialisation modules for each intake, including responsibility for its development, evolution and its delivery adhering to the internal and external quality assurance standards 📍Design, evolve and deliver the specialisation modules, induction and re-induction of new and existing coaches, respectively. 📍Review, validate and refine the current learning curriculum of the Low Level Programming Specialization tracks and revise the operational plans per trimester for an effective learning delivery based on continuous feedbacks. 📍Enhance the BlockChain curriculum and deliver the respective modules in alignment with ALUs Learning Model and industry standards. 📍Audit and refine the experiential learning components for each trimester additional to the support in self-directed student learning. Organize academic activities including Live coding sessions, 📍Peer Learning Days, Mock Interview sessions, Hackathons and any other events that encourages student engagement in both online and in-person learning environments 📍Administration and coordination of the internship modules along with supporting teams (Coaches, SPD team and other stakeholders) 📍Evaluate the possibilities of improving student learning experiences by leveraging partnerships with industries, draft concept notes and finalize relevant plans to include the identified learning activities as part of the learning content. 📍Contribute to updated definitive documentation for the Software Engineering modules in the programme handbooks, policies and accreditation documents 📍Participate in regular student-staff consultative group meetings and other feedback instruments to capture student feedback and to implement recommendations to enhance the quality of programme delivery. 📍Assist the SE Programme Manager in the review and approval of course modifications made by external learning content partners, either independently or following ALU inputs. 📍Engage with all developmental and performance management processes for academic teams. 📍Contribute to the annual programme review to ensure content is up-to-date, valid, relevant and reflects current and future trends in Software Engineering, whilst giving consideration to pedagogical approaches suited for hybrid learning. Implement modifications to learning materials, assessments and other relevant components meet internal and external quality assurance requirements. 📍Implement modifications to the academic components following the findings of the annual programme review, periodic review, student-staff consultative groups, student evaluations and other quality assurance & enhancement instruments. 📍Other relevant activities to ensure successful delivery of the programme. 📍Engage in institutional service through active participation in the Senate and its sub-committees as per their composition. 📍Any other reasonable duties that may be allocated from time to time by the line manager.


Essential 📍PhD/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a relevant field where Software Engineering and/or Low level Programming is a significant component with at least 5 years of experience in Low Level Programming Domain 📍Expertise in Blockchain technologies and building wide variety of applications in the domain with at least 3 years of experience 📍Subject matter expertise and minimum 2 years of experience mentoring C programming & Linux shell scripting 📍Expertise in Linux systems programming and Assembly level debugging 📍Knowledge in Socket programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using C 📍Experience using version control systems [preferably git] for software development 📍Experience in Linux based shell scripting and Python programming 📍Strong debugging skills in the respective domain expertise 📍Experience designing experiential learning activities that promotes peer learning 📍Experience guiding student undergraduate Projects 📍Excellent coaching and adequate computing skills with the ability to support students in both remote and in-person learning environments 📍Excellent communications (oral and written), interpersonal and presentation skills. 📍Excellent problem-solving skills with attention to detail. Excellent time management skills with the ability to 📍multitask, prioritise own work, and work independently. The ability to quickly analyze data and determine the appropriate academic support intervention required by the student or to redirect to other teams. 📍A startup mindset to help us scale the programme to the order of thousands of students in the next 12 months. 📍A strong, customer-service ethos 📍An ability to work flexibly with remote team members if needed

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