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Flow Traders
Software Engineer, Java
24 days ago | 117 views | 1 applications

Software Engineer, Java

New York

About the company

Flow Traders lowers overall trading costs for market participants by delivering higher execution quality. We focus on embracing transparency in financial markets, increasing our proximity to developing innovation and fostering the transformation of the financial ecosystem.

Job Summary

Some of the technologies we use in the development process

📍Common stack: Java 8 & Java 11, Netty, Chronicle Queue, Hibernate, 📍MariaDB, Cassandra, gRPC, Guava, Prometheus 📍Big Data stack: Kafka, HDFS, AirFlow, Spark, Avro, Hazelcast, Kubernetes, Docker 📍Web/UI: Spring MVC, Jetty, Mustache, JavaFX, Jackson 📍Testing: Mockito, Truth, JUnit5 📍Development life-cycle support: Bitbucket, Bamboo, Confluence, Jira, Sonar Cube, IntelliJ IDEA, your-kit

What you will do

📍Align requirements, implementation, and standards with global Java 📍Engineering team members 📍Deliver core US roadmap items which require real-time and/or critical-path software 📍Own a set of related applications and work in tight, daily collaboration with business owners

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