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Software Engineer IV
2 months ago | 229 views | 3 applications

Software Engineer IV

Per year
$70,000 To $220,000

About the company

HealthVerity synchronizes transformational technologies with the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem to power previously unattainable outcomes and fundamentally advance the science. We offer a comprehensive, yet flexible approach, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange (IPGE), that synchronizes unparalleled Identity management with built-in Privacy compliance and Governance, providing the ability to discover and Exchange a near limitless combination of data at a record pace. Together with our partners in life sciences, government and insurance, we are Synchronizing the Science. To learn more about HealthVerity, visit

Job Summary

What you will do

📍Develop services that facilitate ingestion, storage, and extraction of data throughout HealthVerity’s data ecosystem 📍Design and build APIs that support data pipelines 📍Build applications that enable internal teams to configure data pipelines 📍Build tools that will orchestrate and automate data pipeline 📍Work collaboratively with a team of driven engineers, engaging in paired programming and code reviews 📍Work with key stakeholders to refine requirements and eliminate ambiguity 📍Design, discuss, implement, and ship solutions to support the healthcare insights economy 📍Work with our product teams to understand the needs of our users and build the software that addresses those needs 📍Improve the software development process through agile ceremonies 📍Mentor engineers and foster an environment of collaboration and learning

How success is defined

📍High throughput, consistently maintains high velocity 📍Assess technical feasibility of high complexity requests across multiple systems 📍Optimize systems for known constraints 📍Fosters a strong team culture with focus on cross functional collaboration

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