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Smart Contract Security Engineer
about 2 months ago | 189 views | 3 applications

Smart Contract Security Engineer

Per year
$74,000 To $112,000

About the company

InterOpera is building an interoperable layer 1 network using proprietary RDOS (Regulated Defi Operating System) to directly interconnect investors. RDOS is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) product of the interoperable blockchain infrastructure for capital markets participants (Governments, Financial Institutions, and Investors). RDOS acts as a gateway to unlock and enable blockchain-based efficiency within the current regulatory and securitization framework via smart contracts. As the ultimate middle-layer product for market participants, RDOS improves efficiency for participants of the existing system without sacrificing investor protections. RDOS contributes to financial inclusion by: 1) enhancing market accessibility, 2) enabling legal ownership of tokenized assets, and 3) reducing transaction costs in the long run.

Job Summary


📍Participate in design, implementation and testing of smart contracts for Axelar’s cross-chain messaging protocol and applications. 📍Conduct comprehensive security audits of smart contracts to identify and address vulnerabilities. 📍Establish security processes for deployments, and operations of smart contracts. 📍Provide technical expertise and guidance to the team on smart contract security practices.


đź“Ť5+ years of Software Development experience. đź“ŤDeep expertise in a smart contract VM (EVM/Solidity, Solana/Rust, Cosmos/Cosmwasm, etc). đź“ŤProven experience with security audits and/or creating security processes for smart contracts, blockchains, messaging protocols, etc. đź“ŤFamiliarity with cryptography is a plus. đź“ŤFamiliarity with Rust is a strong plus. đź“ŤEntrepreneurial mindset with a proactive approach to learning and adapting to new challenges. đź“ŤExcellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. đź“ŤStrong communication and collaboration skills.

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