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Primex Finance
Senior Solidity DeFi Developer
11 months ago | 680 views | 9 applications

Senior Solidity DeFi Developer

Per year
$72,000 To $100,000

About the company

We are Primex Labs, a team of committed professionals passionate about helping businesses leverage the power of decentralization, web3, artificial intelligence, and other groundbreaking technologies. We are currently developing Primex Finance. Primex Finance is a non-custodial, prime brokerage protocol enabling traders to access lender liquidity for spot margin trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other leveraged operations across a range of DeFi protocols. Powered by a completely decentralized trade execution mechanism, Primex Finance provides advanced trading tools and features for implementing sophisticated trading strategies. The project will be launched on a few EVM chains including ETH L2s. We’re working with some of the top VCs in the space, including Stratos Technologies, Coinfund, Hypersphere, Wintermute, GSR, and others.

Job Summary


📍3+ years of experience in Solidity development 📍Good knowledge of Truffle, Open Zeppelin, and Hardhat frameworks 📍Understanding of DeFi mechanisms and building blocks, including liquidity pools, AMMs, and bonding curves 📍Experience with DeFi protocols 📍Deep understanding of ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 📍Good skills in smart contracts development and resolving security vulnerabilities 📍Experience optimizing gas 📍English – Upper-intermediate or higher

Nice to haves:

📍Experience with L2 protocols and sidechains (optimistic and ZK rollups) 📍Experience with Polkadot.js and Substrate 📍Development experience with JavaScript and TypeScript 📍A degree in computer science or a relevant field, or comparable experience 📍Experience with Ethereum testing tools, e.g. Truffle, Embark, HardHat, etc. 📍Experience writing automation tests 📍Understanding of Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound 📍Experience auditing smart contracts


📍Review, test, and optimize the existing architect 📍Research and integrate with existing DeFi/DEX/NFT protocols 📍Review a Solidity code, following the latest design and development patterns 📍Write documentation 📍Research, design, scope, and estimate what you need to do 📍Collaborate with the UI team

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