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Senior Fullstack Developer
3 months ago | 233 views | 4 applications

Senior Fullstack Developer


About the company

At LiquidX, we invest and acquire the greatest innovative companies, helping teams deliver their milestones on time, through proven operational experience and financing. We specialize in creating long-term value for the stakeholders of the companies we invest or acquire, by building unique gaming and community experiences, combining graphics and storylines with top-notch innovative technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. As we invest and acquire more companies, we’re always looking for innovative, hungry, driven and experienced leaders to join either LiquidX or our portfolio of companies.

Job Summary

What You Can Expect To Work On

📍With Tech Lead, work closely with project co founders, experts in the field, product and marketing team to deliver projects from inception to production 📍Bootstrap applications such as DAO platforms, workflow engine and generative AI technologies to explore business opportunities in legal, gaming, finance, education or other industries 📍Integrate a wide range of services and low code tools such as Webflow, Retool, n8n to build prototypes rapidly so as to check on feasibility and identify business values 📍Mentor junior software engineers and facilitate agile development process 📍Design robust, cost-effective architecture with deep understanding of trade-offs in systems 📍Understand maintenance and cost Implication of infrastructure and able to perform basic DevOps tasks 📍Identify bottleneck and optimise workflows for the team from product requirements to continuous delivery systems


📍3-5+ years of experience with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field. 📍Demonstrable experience of shipping a product with strong alignment in impact and business 📍Take ownership of entire features from specification to delivery as an individual contributor 📍Self-motivated and work effectively remotely and with a high degree of autonomy, within a collaboratively minded team 📍Keen interest in Web3 from NFT, De-FI to DAOs, be curious and learn quickly to navigate across different industries and projects in this rapidly evolving space 📍Broad experience across various systems, products and industries, past journeys as early members in a startup will be a plus 📍Understand maintenance and cost Implication of infrastructure and able to perform basic DevOps tasks 📍Experience in developing smart contract, solidity and tooling such as hardhat or foundry will be a plus 📍Able to think in first principles to drive innovation in web3 with understanding in trust, censorship resistance, consensus mechanisms and motivation of various technologies 📍Knowledge in basic principles of security such as defence in depth and adopt common security practices and tools in systems design

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