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Senior NLP Engineer
6 months ago | 477 views | 1 applications

Senior NLP Engineer


About the company

ightCI is a full-service tech partner that enables the best companies in the world to build exceptional products and up-skill their teams. Our full-service capabilities allow us to create a bespoke experience to meet the specific needs of your business. From building disruptive products to hiring top talent, our company is designed to support anything and everything in between.

Job Summary


📍You will design and implement NLP solutions for processing and analyzing unstructured freeform data, enabling seamless matching to internal structures without the need for formal data scrubbing or normalization processes 📍You’ll work with massive datasets of student behavior data and utilize NLP techniques, such as GPT or similar models, to extract meaningful insights, trends, and patterns from the data 📍Develop efficient data preprocessing pipelines to clean and prepare text data for analysis, including text tokenization, stemming, and handling of noisy or unstructured input 📍Create relevant features and representations from textual data that can be used in trend analysis, classification, and clustering tasks 📍Stay updated with the latest advancements in NLP and machine learning, and incorporate them into the analysis process for improved accuracy and efficiency 📍Implement quality control measures to validate the accuracy and reliability of NLP analysis results, ensuring that actionable insights are derived

About you

📍Proficiency in languages commonly used in NLP and machine learning, such as Python, R, and Java 📍Strong understanding and practical experience with machine learning algorithms, especially those used in NLP 📍Deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and 📍PyTorch and understanding of neural network architectures used in NLP 📍Experience working with GPT and other transformer models, understanding their architecture and implementation details 📍Familiarity with NLP tasks (such as text classification, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis) and related tools and libraries (like NLTK, SpaCy)

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