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Security Guard Washington GA
3 months ago | 513 views | Be the first one to apply

Security Guard Washington GA


About the company

CleanSpark is a sustainable bitcoin mining and energy technology company that is solving modern energy challenges. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR MISSION Bitcoin Operations CLSK Earnings News Releases Bitcoin Operations CLSK Earnings News Releases

Job Summary

Duties and Responsibilities

Access Control: 📍Monitor and control access to CleanSpark facilities, ensuring only authorized personnel and visitors enter. 📍Conduct thorough checks of identification and credentials at entry points. 📍Surveillance: 📍Use surveillance equipment to monitor and assess activities within and around the premises. 📍Report and document any suspicious behavior or incidents promptly. 📍Patrol and Inspection: 📍Conduct regular patrols of the facility to detect and deter security threats. 📍Perform routine inspections to identify and address potential security risks. 📍Emergency Response: 📍Respond to alarms, emergencies, or security incidents in a prompt and effective manner. 📍Work closely with emergency services when necessary and follow established protocols for various scenarios. 📍Customer Service: 📍Provide courteous and professional assistance to employees, visitors, and contractors. 📍Address inquiries and provide directions when needed. 📍Report Writing: 📍Maintain accurate and detailed logs of security-related activities. 📍Complete incident reports and submit them to the appropriate personnel. 📍Collaboration: 📍Collaborate with other security personnel and relevant departments to ensure a cohesive and effective security program. 📍Communicate effectively with team members and management regarding security concerns. 📍Additional duties as required


📍2 years of Law enforcement or military experience High school diploma or equivalent; additional training in security or related fields is a plus.
📍Proven experience as a security guard or in a related role.
📍Strong observational skills and attention to detail.
📍Ability to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively.
📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
📍Basic computer skills for logging and reporting purposes.
📍Physical fitness and the ability to stand, walk, run and perform security duties for extended periods.

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