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Salesce QA Analyst
9 months ago | 1029 views | 1 applications

Salesce QA Analyst

Costa Rica
Per year
$67,000 To $80,000

About the company

The global financial ecosystem is changing. Revolutionary blockchain technology has unlocked the potential for people around the world to have more equal access to wealth and information. This transformation has begun with the mass global adoption of cryptocurrencies but like all new financial systems, it needs greater trust to realize its full potential and remain safe from bad actors. Thatā€™s where we come in. The Chainalysis blockchain data platform enables businesses, governments, and banks to solve the worldā€™s most high-profile criminal cases, paving the way for an economy built on blockchains.

Job Summary

Priorities in your first year include:

šŸ“Logging, tracking and triaging end-user inquiries and issues in a timely and efficient manner while escalating where necessary. šŸ“Collaborating with Salesforce Administrators and stakeholders to test and validate šŸ“Salesforce functionality and to ensure they meet established quality standards. šŸ“Conducting testing and validation of Salesforce configurations, Flows, objects and records to identify and rectify any discrepancies. šŸ“Developing and maintaining quality assurance procedures and documentation to ensure consistency and compliance with best practices. šŸ“Maintaining SFDC environment configurations šŸ“Beginning to enhance and update Salesforce Flows and automations


šŸ“Providing first-line support to Salesforce end-users šŸ“Supporting the testing and validation of desired Salesforce functionality šŸ“Partnering with Salesforce Administrators and colleagues across the Business Technology, Data and Analytics team

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