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Edge & Node
Rust Engineer
3 months ago | 279 views | 1 applications

Rust Engineer


About the company

Edge & Node stands as the revolutionary vanguard of web3, a vision of a world powered by individual autonomy, shared self-sovereignty and limitless collaboration. Established by trailblazers behind The Graph, we’re on a mission to make The Graph the internet’s unbreakable foundation of open data. Edge & Node invented and standardized subgraphs across the industry, solidifying The Graph as the definitive way to organize and access blockchain data. Utilizing a deep expertise in developing open-source software, tooling, and protocols, we empower builders and entrepreneurs to bring unstoppable applications to life with revolutionary digital infrastructure. Edge & Node acts on a set of unwavering principles that guide our journey in shaping the future. We champion a decentralized internet—free from concentrated power—where collective consensus aligns what is accepted as truth, rather than authoritative dictation. Our commitment to censorship resistance reinforces our vision of an unyielding information age free from the grasp of a single entity. By building for open-source, we challenge the stagnant landscape of web2, recognizing that true innovation thrives in transparency and collaboration. We imagine a permissionless future where the shackles imposed by central gatekeepers are not only removed, but relegated to the dustbin of a bygone era. And at the foundation of it all, our trust shifts from malevolent middlemen to trustless systems, leveraging smart contracts to eliminate the age-old vulnerabilities of misplaced trust.

Job Summary

What You’ll Be Doing

📍Working closely with both operations and development engineers to understand where improvements to our codebase are needed 📍Participating in design meetings with engineers from external core development teams and review their PRs as needed 📍Designing, engineering, and implementing a number of high priority improvements for The Graph’s Hosted Service platform 📍Analyzing requirements for already specified initiatives, develop novel solutions for new issues, and translate them into feature designs 📍Writing reusable, testable and efficient code in Rust 📍Writing both unit and integration tests, and helping to develop automation tooling for repeated tasks

What We Expect

📍Demonstrated experience in and deep understanding of Rust required; additional experience with Assemblyscript/Typescript preferred 📍Familiarity with open source software development process 📍A solid understanding of software design patterns, and how to build components that are reusable, extensible, and modular 📍Some understanding or awareness of blockchain or distributed technology preferred 📍Participation in rotating on-call duty during working hours required 📍Experience with ops and infrastructure (e.g., testing, tooling) and Postgres databases strongly preferred 📍Proven ability to collaborate effectively asynchronously with a multinational team spanning numerous time zones

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