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Marathon Digital Holdings
Research Lab Technician Internship
7 months ago | 1010 views | 14 applications

Research Lab Technician Internship


About the company

Marathon Digital Holdings is focused on securing and supporting the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem by building one of the largest, most agile, and most sustainable bitcoin mining operations in the world. We’re growing – quickly. At the start of 2021, we were operating 2,060 miners that were producing 0.2 EH/s. By Mid 2023, we expect to have deployed approximately 199,000 miners producing approximately 23.3 EH/s, potentially representing 7% of the total network according to some estimates (source). Additionally, our objective is for our mining operations to be 100% carbon neutral by the end of this year. We’re here to help make Bitcoin more secure and more widely adopted by bringing a professional and innovative approach to securing the blockchain.

Job Summary


📍40 hours / week 📍Microsoft Word 📍Excel 📍Sublime / IDE text editor 📍Ownership 📍Organized and methodical 📍Project Management (plus) 📍Science background (plus) 📍Operated crypto mining machines (plus) 📍Electrician or electrical engineer background (plus) 📍Thermal or mechanical engineering background (plus)

What you will learn

📍New technology in the blockchain space 📍New ESG technology 📍Scripting in python or similar language 📍Testing procedures 📍Writing white papers 📍OSHA safety procedures

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