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Douro Labs
Relationship Manager
5 months ago | 384 views | 15 applications

Relationship Manager

Per year
$81,000 To $110,000

About the company

🔮 Douro Labs is building oracle tooling, products, and Web3 infrastructure to expand the Pyth Network’s suite of decentralized data services and enhance access to real-time, once-exclusive market data for all blockchain participants. What’s our Mission? We relentlessly pursue innovation, creating cutting-edge oracle tooling, products, and Web3 infrastructure. Our goal is to amplify the capabilities of Pyth Network's decentralized data services, ensuring that real-time, previously elusive market data is accessible to every participant in the blockchain ecosystem.

Job Summary

Your Responsibilities

📍Act as a Relationship Manager for the Data Provider Community of Pyth Network, including top trading firms and exchanges globally. 📍Work with Pyth Community Managers to expand Pyth's engagement, including event representation, social presence growth, and brand enhancement. 📍Assist the technical integration team in fully onboarding data providers onto Pyth mainnet and expanding the supported asset classes on the network. 📍Oversee Pyth token governance protocols for the Data Provider Community, communicate models, collect feedback, and develop a system for monitoring and rewarding contributions. 📍Monitor Pyth system performance. 📍Facilitate necessary diligence and onboard new participants onto the Pyth Network.

Desired Skills and Experience:

📍At least 2 years of experience working in a finance or business development environment with financial technology startups (such as OKX, Binance,, flow sales on Banks, or Exchanges). 📍Experience in dealing with trading firms or trading desks, buy/sell side trading, or investment banking as suitable backgrounds. 📍General understanding of crypto, including experience with using wallets, sending/receiving tokens, looking up transactions on a block explorer, and staking. 📍Ability to succeed in remote work by being a systems thinker and sharing updates as necessary to stay connected with the broader team. 📍Understanding of financial planning, accounting, and efficient company operations. 📍A strong willingness to learn and the energy to seek new and relevant information to succeed.

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