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Kronos Research
Quantitative Research Intern
5 months ago | 853 views | 9 applications

Quantitative Research Intern

Remote, Hong Kong

About the company

Kronos Research stands at the forefront of proprietary trading, elevating trading performance through its profound expertise in quantitative research. Driven by a fusion of rigorous research methodologies and advanced machine-learning techniques, we are revolutionizing the way trading is approached. We have 4 main business pillars, i.e. (i) High-Frequency Trading (HFT), particularly in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency trading, (ii) market-making, providing the best liquidity across CeFi and DeFi solutions, (iii) asset management services for institutions and brokers covering a wide range of asset classes, and (iv) ventures, identifying high growth potential projects to invest in, provide expertise and drive returns.

Job Summary

Job Description

📍We are looking for Quant Trader intern that has strong coding skills (Python, Golang or C++), a demonstrable curiosity about mid/long term frequency trading, quantitative trading, and some knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. 📍The role will involve a significant amount of research and development when testing and asset trader on developing new trading strategies. You will also be involved in researching, implementing, and executing strategies, and automating them where applicable.


📍An MSc / PhD in a research-intensive STEM field (Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering etc) 📍Degree from a top-tier university 📍A passion for developing quantitative trading strategies as well as analyzing and drawing conclusions from large datasets 📍Strong coding skills essential – 2 to 5 years of experience coding in Python, Golang,or C++ is required (test required)

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