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The Sandbox
Project Manager (Land Ecosystem)
6 months ago | 542 views | 1 applications

Project Manager (Land Ecosystem)


About the company

The Sandbox is building a decentralized metaverse, empowering creators and players to come together and build the world they’ve always wanted. It is our mission to build an inclusive and open metaverse, building the bridge between blockchain, social experiences, and gaming, creating long-lasting relationships through the power of community, creativity, and NFTs. To learn more, check us out at or on Twitter at @TheSandboxGame. We are seeking a talented, enthusiastic and highly organized individual with demonstrable project management experience to join our team.

Job Summary

What you'll be doing:

📍As part of the LAND team, you will be working closely with the LAND Ecosystem Director in order to: 📍Schedule and plan for the upcoming LAND Sales (timeline, partners, themes…), 📍Sync with the different teams to make the launch of each LAND Sale a success (Marketing, Product, Blockchain, Business…), 📍Manage the network of LAND Owners to keep them updated over the recent news and changes, 📍Follow-up regularly on all LAND Owner rewards and Premium NFTs 📍Participate in defining the strategy for future LAND Sales and overall LAND deployment strategy, 📍Be in touch with partners and coordinate the launch of their LAND into The Sandbox ecosystem.


What are we looking for 📍We are looking for an ambitious profile with the following background: 📍A bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, communications, or a related field is often preferred. 📍Previous experience in a similar role 📍Project Management Skills: The role involves scheduling, planning, and coordinating LAND Sales. 📍This requires strong organizational and project management skills to handle timelines, collaborate with multiple teams, and ensure successful launches. 📍Marketing and Communication Skills: The ability to effectively communicate with LAND Owners and manage a network of stakeholders is crucial. This involves keeping them updated on news and changes, which requires good marketing and communication skills. 📍Go-to-market strategy understanding: As we are launching new products every month, you'll need to understand how to launch a new product on a defined market, and the user acquisition strategy. 📍Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Knowledge: SinceThe Sandbox is at the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming, a solid understanding of blockchain principles, NFTs, and cryptocurrency is essential. 📍Interpersonal and Networking Skills: This role involves being in touch with partners and coordinating launches. This means you should have excellent interpersonal skills and be adept at networking and building relationships. 📍Adaptability and Learning Agility: The metaverse and blockchain spaces are rapidly evolving. We are looking for someone who is adaptable and who can quickly learn and integrate new information and technologies.

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