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On-chain Treasury Management
6 months ago | 639 views | 1 applications

On-chain Treasury Management


About the company

We help decentralised organisations to preserve capital through state-of-the-art risk management and trust-minimised DeFi treasury execution.

Job Summary


📍Asset Management: 📍Analysis and deployment of low-risk, non-custodial asset management infrastructure. 📍Advising on capital budgeting and allocation. Weekly optimisation of low-risk defi strategies such as AMM, lending, self-asset leveraged Money Markets, carry trade. 📍Develop governance proposals to progress capital allocation opportunities. 📍Identify and develop opportunities to improve the DAO native token value proposition (e.g. buybacks, token economics). 📍Risk and Emergency Management: 📍Perform technical and economic risk analysis for each protocol or DeFi strategy and actively contribute to the implementation of risk mitigation strategies, plans, and tools. 📍Be accountable for your R&R in the Emergency Response Plan. 📍Tracking & Reporting: 📍Track DAO’s Non-custodial AUM, develop financial reports on treasury performance and regularly share them on the right channels. 📍Commercial and financial services: 📍Act as the DAO representative when negotiating and executing deals. Engage with service providers, protocol teams and investors as needed to further develop the DeFi ecosystem for the DAO. 📍Lead initiatives about integrations to the leading Defi protocols. 📍Closely work with our tech team in the creation and delivery of solutions related to non-custodial treasury management execution and risk management. 📍Community Involvement: 📍Engage with the community through forums, twitter & Discord as needed to generate awareness and represent the DAO’s best interests. 📍Research the DeFi ecosystem using Nansen, Token Terminal, subgraph data. Coingecko API, debank and zapper; protocolos documentation and medium posts; dune analytics and other tracking tools; Discord, Telegram and X.


📍Degree in Finance or related field; 📍Experience in financial services, crypto, and/or blockchain technology; 📍Deep understanding and curiosity of the DeFi ecosystem, including major trends, blockchains, protocols, and players in the space and history of activity in crypto and DeFi; 📍Active participant on Crypto-Twitter, Telegram/Discord protocol chat rooms, and DAO governance forums & Snapshot; 📍Ability to pull and analyse on-chain data from smart contracts (via Infura nodes, Etherscan, etc.) or analytical platforms such as The Graph, 📍Dune Analytics, Nansen, etc.; Web3 Coding Skill Set (Solidity/ Rust/ Python/ R/ Javascript/ SQL/ APIs); 📍An entrepreneurial mindset and ability to take ownership of projects, identify problems, and formulate solutions independently; 📍Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and collaborate with cross-functional teams; 📍Native/fluent English speaker with excellent written and verbal communication skills. 📍Abide by our values.

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