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Offensive Security Expert
8 months ago | 803 views | 2 applications

Offensive Security Expert

Per year
$112,000 To $156,000

About the company

Fireblocks provides a suite of applications to manage digital asset operations and a complete development platform to build your business on the blockchain

Job Summary


📍As an Offensive Security Expert, you will conduct ongoing research into the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures and discover dangerous flaws and major security vulnerabilities before hackers of more malicious intent find them.  📍Perform grey and white box penetration testing; 📍Leverage code review skills to identify complex vulnerabilities within code. 📍Collaborate with other security teams to provide insights & security knowledge share. Provide security guidance and recommendations to engineering and operational teams 📍Apply state of the art methodologies, tooling, and skills to demonstrate real vulnerabilities and help technical teams improve their security posture and technical controls to mitigate the issues. 📍Preferably able to bridge offensive security disciplines: data & application to cloud and infrastructure security, application testing to Red Teaming, social engineering to crunching and writing tools & scripts.

Experience & Qualification:

📍3+ years of experience with information security (security researcher, security engineer, security architect). 📍3+ years of experience with offensive security subjects such as, mobile security, (web) application security, and infrastructure security. 📍Experience with static and dynamic code analysis 📍Strong IaaS security skills, with a focus on AWS, Azure, GCP 📍Experience with Kubernetes 📍Experience with infrastructure-as-code 📍Solid programming skills, any of C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, x86 or ARM assembly; 📍Advantage : Reverse engineering; Red teaming; Malware analysis; exploit development; 📍Risk assessment and threat modeling to identify risks associated with business processes, operations, technology projects and information security programs

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