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Cere Network
Lead Cryptographic and ML Engineer
8 months ago | 540 views | Be the first one to apply

Lead Cryptographic and ML Engineer


About the company

Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud platform, built on Polkadot, optimized for service data integration and data collaboration. While most blockchains are simply distributed ledgers, the Cere DCC is built from the ground up to power the new generation of first-party customer data ecosystems. While harnessing similar goals to that of cloud platforms like Snowflake, Cere DCC is delivering a new level of data privacy, data agility, and data interoperability. Cere Network is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch, D-Link, and Bebo with offices in San Fransisco, New York, Berlin and Belarus.

Job Summary


📍Collaborate with the machine learning engineers community to integrate cryptographic features into existing and future Large Language Models (LLMs). 📍Develop secure protocols that allow for the confidential sharing of trained models between data analysts and data owners. 📍Perform comprehensive security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities in LLM architectures and cryptographic implementations. 📍Work with engineering teams to provide secure APIs for third-party integrations, facilitating safe interactions between data owners and analysts. 📍Lead research initiatives to explore emerging cryptographic technologies, such as Homomorphic Encryption, Multi-Party Computation, and Secure Enclaves, that could enhance the security of our platform. 📍Offer expert advice to data owners on assessing the credibility and effectiveness of trained models in the marketplace. 📍Serve as a cryptography subject matter expert in customer engagements, internal training sessions, and industry events.


📍The ideal candidate will hold a Ph.D. with a focus on cryptography and machine learning and have at least 5 years of relevant experience. 📍You should be skilled in, Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, excellent problem-solving abilities, and strong communication skills are also essential. 📍Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field with a focus on machine learning. 📍Experience with Large Language Models, their applications, and associated security risks. 📍Strong proficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including familiarity with the latest research and techniques. 📍Familiarity with machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch. 📍Exceptional problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills for navigating complex systems. 📍Excellent communication skills, capable of translating complicated topics in an understandable manner for a broad audience. 📍Demonstrated experience contributing to or leading cryptography-focused projects in a professional setting.

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