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Multisig Capital
Lead Core Developer
12 months ago | 701 views | 1 applications

Lead Core Developer

Per year
$84,000 To $158,000

About the company

Our vision at Multisig Capital is to foster financial inclusion through the progressive power of blockchain technology, thereby revolutionizing the liquidity dynamics of digital markets. We are a licensed alternative investment manager, recognized for our comprehensive focus on digital assets and proficient operations across a multitude of chains, projects, and centralized exchanges. We facilitate liquidity across a wide array of platforms within the crypto realm, including various centralized and decentralized trading venues, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and a diverse portfolio of chains and projects. By doing so, Multisig Capital is able to support both crypto-native entities and conventional financial institutions, ensuring smooth trading operations while further enhancing the liquidity of digital markets. At Multisig Capital, we don’t just participate in the crypto space – we actively shape it. Through strategic partnerships, investments, and collaborative development with emerging protocols, we endeavor to propel the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

Job Summary

Hard Skills Requirements

📍To ensure success in this role, the candidate should demonstrate the following technical competencies: 📍A minimum of 3 years of coding experience, working on complex systems in a production environment. 📍Proven experience in building, maintaining, and upgrading large databases, with a focus on performance and stability. 📍A solid understanding of Git, enabling efficient version control and collaborative development. 📍Fluency in English, ensuring effective communication within our diverse team.

Multisig Offers

📍An exceptional opportunity to join us on our growth journey, where you’ll be granted substantial responsibility and ownership early in your tenure. 📍A vibrant company culture that is non-hierarchical, informal, and entrepreneurial, fostering creativity and innovation. 📍Aligned incentives: We firmly believe in rewarding our team’s contributions and commitment. To that end, performers will be offered stock options or profit sharing to ensure our goals are mutually beneficial and aligned for long-term success. 📍Flexibility: While we appreciate the benefits of flexible working and offer remote work options, we expect that you will be present in the office more than 60% of the time. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate fully remote applicants at this time. 📍Employee perks: At Multisig, personal and professional development go hand in hand. 📍We provide the opportunity to attend conferences, cover the cost of courses that enhance your qualifications, and regularly organize social activities. We strive to foster a supportive and engaging work environment where you can continually grow and thrive.

Write to Us If You:

📍Relish problem-solving and are constantly seeking out challenging coding tasks to tackle. 📍Have an interest in blockchain technology and the transformative potential it holds. 📍Are committed to working like an owner, going beyond the confines of a conventional 9-to-5 role or contractor mentality. 📍Appreciate a meritocratic environment, where you’re recognized and rewarded based on what you deliver. 📍Are comfortable assuming significant responsibility and ownership, and thrive in an environment where you’re trusted to make key decisions.

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