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Institutional Relationship and Solution Manager - Custody
at Kraken
6 months ago | 467 views | 1 applications

Institutional Relationship and Solution Manager - Custody

United States
Per year
$101,000 To $153,000

About the company

Kraken, the trusted and secure digital asset exchange, is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion. Our 2,350+ Krakenites are a world-class team ranging from the crypto-curious to industry experts, united by our desire to discover and unlock the potential of crypto and blockchain technology. As a fully remote company, we already have Krakenites in 70+ countries (speaking 50+ languages). We're one of the most diverse organizations on the planet and this remains key to our values. We continue to lead the industry with new product advancements like Kraken NFT, on- and off-chain staking and instant bitcoin transfers via the Lightning Network.

Job Summary

The Opportunity

📍Drive the institutional sales efforts for our qualified Custody product, with a primary focus on increasing assets under custody. 📍Leverage your extensive experience in crypto custody to generate, filter, and pursue client leads, including responding to inbound opportunities and assisting team members in doing the same. 📍Collaborate closely with high-net-worth individuals, crypto corporates, hedge funds, and other institutions to deeply understand their custody needs and demonstrate how Kraken can best serve them. 📍Champion Kraken's full product suite and uphold our company’s values when engaging with new and existing clients. 📍Enhance Kraken’s reputation by taking the initiative to address client requests and provide an exceptional client experience 7 days a week. 📍Partner with Kraken's internal teams to influence product development, prioritization, and strategy based on your deep custody expertise.

Skills you should HODL

📍1+ years professional experience in crypto custody, trading, staking or a similar environment. 📍Crypto Custody Expertise: You have a proven track record as an expert in crypto custody, with a deep understanding of industry best practices, security protocols, and the nuances of safeguarding digital assets. 📍Regulatory Knowledge: You possess in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency regulations and compliance requirements related to custody services, demonstrating the ability to navigate and ensure adherence to evolving regulatory frameworks. 📍Security and Risk Management: You are well-versed in crypto asset security measures, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies, and can contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our custody security protocols. 📍Cold Storage Solutions: Familiarity with various cold storage methods and their implementation to securely store and manage crypto assets is a key part of your skill set. 📍Audit and Compliance: You have experience with conducting internal and external audits of crypto custody processes and can ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices. 📍Technical Acumen: A strong technical background in blockchain technology and cryptography is highly desirable, enabling you to engage in technical discussions with clients and internal teams regarding custody solutions. 📍Client Education: You excel at educating clients on the complexities of crypto custody, offering guidance on best practices, and addressing their concerns with confidence. 📍Problem Solver: You have a demonstrated ability to solve complex custody-related challenges and can provide innovative solutions to clients' security and custody needs. 📍Industry Network: You have an extensive professional network within the crypto custody industry, including connections with industry experts, regulatory bodies, and other key stakeholders.

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