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Head of Growth
3 months ago | 326 views | 6 applications

Head of Growth


About the company

*Scroll has a remote-first work culture, our staff base is globally distributed and we are location agnostic. We make hiring decisions based on talent, culture fit and role suitability. If you have the skills and experience requested by this job description then please APPLY! At Scroll, we operate on the bleeding edge of a fast-moving frontier of zk technology, research and innovation. The Application Security Engineer will be responsible for improving the zkEVM-based zkRollup security, ensuring that Scroll is one of the safest Layer 2’s for projects and users. The role is ideal for an individual who thrives in a start-up environment, a self-starter that is dynamic and comfortable to take on responsibilities and can work effectively within a remote setup.

Job Summary

In practice then, you’ll be asked to engage developers and the broader community to:

Onboard the next billion users onto decentralized networks by empowering builders to create new use cases and value for their users 📍Create a secure environment for businesses and institutions to deploy open financial products for these users 📍Foster a community of creative developers who experiment with emerging tech and choose Scroll to anchor their code and execution 📍Use data to ideate, build, and optimize, and ensure that feedback from our ecosystem informs our product and research direction. 📍Lead and inspire a talented team with the same level of autonomy, trust, candor and space for creativity and experimentation that you will be given. 📍Your ability to lead and collaborate with this team at Scroll, and to master the levers of growth in the context of our unique ecosystem will mean a direct and outsized impact on the future of the decentralized web.

About you - requirements:

📍Ability to think strategically across communications, developer relations and business development, and to convert your strategy into short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. 📍Stellar communication: you move seamlessly from hackathon to boardroom, and can engage technical and non-technical audiences. You use storytelling and language to forge emotional connections and build authentic, compelling narratives, and can get others excited about Scroll’s trillion dollar potential. 📍A track record of leading a team to be able to solve complex, open-ended problems 📍A track record of attracting, hiring and inspiring high-performing teams. You motivate others, and people are excited to work with/for you again. The ability to design and run community and external-facing programs that prioritize product usage growth over immediate revenue milestones, and the ability to authentically convey the potential and vision of these projects.

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