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Full Stack Developer - CredibleX
4 months ago | 277 views | Be the first one to apply

Full Stack Developer - CredibleX


About the company

We are a team of operators and investors on a mission to support entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to launch companies that redefine the rules of the game. From product and engineering, to design, marketing, legal and regulatory — we provide real hands-on tactical support and meaningful financial backing that fuels venture growth. We have an unwavering focus on building great companies with great people and invite you to join us to build something amazing together.

Job Summary


📍Practice agile and continuous delivery by ensuring value is being continuously delivered to customers in small batches. 📍Take ownership of the services you build by ensuring they’re robust, tested, maintainable and operating as expected. 📍Invest in test and deployment automation to ensure services are high quality and that delivery velocity is maintained. 📍Develop high quality, maintainable containerized microservices using TypeScript and NestJS. 📍Develop high quality, maintainable web applications using TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and React. 📍Use Kubernetes to schedule and host microservices. 📍Leverage AWS infrastructure to scale services elastically. 📍Develop and integrate with 3rd party REST APIs. 📍Leverage messaging and queues to build out a loosely coupled, asynchronous event driven architecture. 📍Persist data using TypeORM, PostgreSQL and S3. 📍Ensure services meet both their functional and non-functional requirements (i.e. security, high availability, performance, observability etc).

About you

📍Software development is a passion, not just a day job. 📍You deliver value to customers, not just write code. 📍3+ years of software development experience building backend applications. 📍3+ years of software development experience building web applications. 📍2+ years of experience with Node.js & NestJS, bonus points if you’re a polyglot. 📍2+ years of experience with React. 📍Experience working with bundlers, bonus points for Vite. 📍Expertise working with SQL databases, bonus points for PostgreSQL. 📍Worked with ORMs, bonus points for TypeORM. 📍Experience with git and different branching strategies. 📍Experience building and integrating with REST APIs. 📍Strong test-driven mindset, ensuring quality and safety. 📍You take pride in the services you develop and take ownership of them end-to-end. 📍Familiar with CI/CD and deploy and operate the services you build. 📍Understand the fundamentals of distributed systems and scalability. 📍Experience with containerized services, bonus points for Kubernetes. 📍Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot and trace complex issues in large-scale production environments. 📍Professional proficiency in written and spoken English.

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