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Far Out Scout
Full-Stack Crypto Engineer
about 1 month ago | 154 views | 1 applications

Full-Stack Crypto Engineer


About the company

A crypto-focused organization emerged during the 2017 crypto-boom to spotlight innovators and expose fraudulent activities. Subsequently, it secured $2 million in late 2018. Originating from New York, the organization has evolved into a global news and research entity spanning various time zones. Now, it endeavors to provide retail investors with insights akin to those of insiders. Through a systematic evaluation of numerous crypto projects, it delivers valuable insights to subscribers and remains committed to reporting relevant news and emerging trends in the industry.

Job Summary


📍Take projects from concept to completion or maintain existing codebases with a high degree of autonomy and ownership. 📍Utilize Typescript and demonstrate strong program design skills to develop robust solutions. 📍Engage with smart contracts within various crypto ecosystems (Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, etc.). 📍Demonstrate proficiency in functional programming and apply it to solve complex problems effectively. 📍Break down large, intricate programs into manageable components for efficient development and maintenance. 📍Work collaboratively in a small, talented team of 3-5 individuals to deliver high-quality features every week. 📍Ship weekly prototypes of features based on provided specifications. 📍Enhance the reliability of the program over time by promptly fixing bugs and addressing root cause issues. 📍Manage technical debt systematically to ensure the codebase's long-term health and reduce customer tickets.


📍Demonstrated experience in independently taking projects from concept to completion or maintaining existing codebases. 📍Proficiency in Typescript and a strong understanding of program design principles. 📍Familiarity with smart contracts and experience working within crypto ecosystems such as Ethereum, Solana, or Cosmos. 📍Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to tackle open-ended challenges effectively. 📍Experience with functional programming concepts and their application in real-world projects. 📍Proven ability to break down large, complex programs into manageable components for development and maintenance. 📍Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a small, talented team environment. 📍A proactive approach to improving program reliability and managing technical debt to ensure long-term codebase health. 📍A strong passion for and understanding of cryptocurrency is important. 📍Experience with personal projects in the software development or cryptocurrency space is a big plus. 📍Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent practical experience is preferred.

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