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Founding Smart Contract Engineer
at Axiom
3 months ago | 334 views | 1 applications

Founding Smart Contract Engineer

New York
Per year
$100,000 To $250,000

About the company

Our mission is to empower developers to build novel decentralized applications with the power of ZK. We believe blockchains have an unlimited appetite for data and compute, and recent advances in zero-knowledge proofs are the key to providing it. We are tackling the hard research and engineering problems necessary to make ZK accessible to smart contract developers. Our first product, Axiom, allows smart contracts to trustlessly compute over the entire history of Ethereum. Like GPUs do for CPUs today, Axiom augments the capabilities of standard blockchain consensus with zero-knowledge proofs. Developers can query the history of Ethereum from Axiom using Solidity and Typescript alone, and integrate into their on-chain applications by adding a single smart contract callback function to ingest ZK-verified results from Axiom. We are hiring developers to join us in developing, scaling, and optimizing Axiom. We are a small, focused team taking cutting-edge research breakthroughs in ZKPs from academic papers to robust production systems. We care deeply about delivering a robust and easy-to-use experience for application developers, and we solve hard technical problems at scale to make that possible. We hope you will join us in our journey to unleash the power of ZK for crypto applications.

Job Summary

The Role

📍We are looking for a Founding Smart Contract Engineer to lead the development and deployment of the Axiom smart contracts which interface with off-chain ZK proofs. This will involve designing and implementing the on-chain API call interface, implementing smart contracts for custom integrations with partners, and implementing a Solidity SDK. Your work will require implementing secure and efficient systems and making design decisions to empower developers using Axiom while maximizing security and auditability. 📍Your day-to-day work will involve extending and optimizing our core interfaces while supporting custom integrations we build with our partners on top of Axiom. We are looking for someone with knowledge of secure smart contract design patterns, empathy for smart contract developers, and a security mindset. We also value the ability to design tasteful and usable smart contract interfaces.

Who you are

📍You have extensive knowledge of Solidity and the EVM. 📍You have experience with developer tools for smart contract application developers (Hardhat, Foundry). 📍You have extensive knowledge of smart contract security and common pitfalls 📍You have extensive experience with proper deployment and security practices 📍You have experience writing extensive unit and integration tests 📍You have extreme attention to detail, with a security and ownership mindset 📍You’re a clear communicator and value collaboration 📍You have a strong bias towards action 📍You have an extremely strong work ethic

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