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Financial Systems Manager
at OKX
10 months ago | 1205 views | 1 applications

Financial Systems Manager

Per year
$60,000 To $175,000

About the company

About OKX OKX is a leading crypto trading app, and a Web3 ecosystem. Trusted by more than 20 million global customers in over 180 international markets, OKX is known for being the fastest and most reliable crypto trading app of choice for investors and professional traders globally. Our Singapore office is a Product and Engineering hub and we are in the progress of expanding our teams in Singapore for the continuous growth of our global business. We build and maintain core trading platform with millions of daily active users. Design, Product and Engineering teams work cross-functionally to identify customer needs, and ship high-quality new features through fast iterations.

Job Summary

Job Responsibilities:

📍Maintain the self-built cost control system of the finance department, dock daily system problems, and summarise high-frequency problems and issue systematic solutions 📍Establish and optimize the Process management system and operation mechanism in the financial field, continuously guide the Finance Department and related departments to carry out process planning, design and optimization, including but not limited to process architecture design and maintenance, process specifications and templates, design quality control, process change planning and promotion, etc. 📍Be able to quickly familiarise yourself with the business, analyse the informationization needs of the finance department in depth, connect with the company's Product R & D team, control the direction and function implementation of the system construction, issue targeted and feasible informationization system solutions, and guide project delivery 📍From a financial perspective, continuously explore and improve the functions of the Company Finance system, meet the various needs of system users and company management, and follow the orderly evolution of the Company Finance system

Job Requirements:

📍Bachelor's degree or above, major in accounting, financial management, computer science, etc. 📍At least 4 years of relevant work experience in financial informatization, process optimisation, financial system products, financial system implementation, financial platform operation, etc. 📍Master good structured thinking skills and rich cross-team collaboration, XFN communication experience, have good interpersonal understanding, and coordinate internal and external resources to develop comprehensive solutions and promote implementation on this basis 📍Possess financial accounting (accounting) knowledge, can communicate efficiently with accounting personnel, can delve into accounting work scenarios, and continuously optimize accounting workflows

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