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Elixir Blockchain Developer
3 months ago | 320 views | 4 applications

Elixir Blockchain Developer

Per year
$52,000 To $110,000

About the company

Altoros is a leading IT services provider that helped 50+ Global 2000 organizations to obtain competitive advantages through the adoption of cloud-native technologies. We offer platform-as-a-service and application transformation consulting.

Job Summary

How you will make an impact:

📍Develop both back-end and front-end web services and products across various blockchains and ecosystems, primarily EVM-compatible, catering to millions of web3 users. 📍Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects of projects and enhance them with innovative features and functionalities. 📍Engage in effective communication with network/platform owners and the ecosystem community, actively contributing to the broader adoption of web3. 📍Contribute significantly to the open-source community.

What you need to succeed:

📍Commercial experience with Elixir for at least 1 years. 📍Commercial experience in one or several languages for at least 3 years: JS, NodeJS, Rust (preferable), Go, Python. Full-stack is highly appreciated. 📍Commercial experience in SQL/NoSQL DBs for at least 3 years. 📍Practical experience in web3 projects and sufficient knowledge in Solidity. 📍Experience in working with Blockscout block explorer is a significant advantage.

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