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Developer Relationship Manager
5 months ago | 370 views | 4 applications

Developer Relationship Manager


About the company

WhiteBIT is one of the largest crypto-to-fiat exchanges in Europe. We offer various products and tools to suit experienced traders and new market entrants.

Job Summary

Main goals:

📍The primary objective of this role is to identify talented developers, build meaningful relationships, support their growth, and ultimately accelerate the adoption of our company's blockchain platform.

Job Description:

📍Whitechain, an EVM blockchain integrated in WhiteBIT ecosystem, is seeking an enthusiastic and skilled Developer Relations Manager to expand the adoption and usage by establishing connections with blockchain developers, advocating for our platform, and building warm relationships with people from the industry. This position requires excellent soft skills, a strong understanding of blockchain ecosystems, and the ability to travel to hackathons and crypto conferences.

Key Responsibilities:

📍Community Engagement: Actively engage with the blockchain developer community to promote our platform. Utilize social media, forums, and other communication channels to interact with developers and stakeholders. 📍Talent Identification: Scout for talented developers within the blockchain space. Identify individuals and teams capable of contributing high-quality projects to our ecosystem. 📍Relationship Building: Develop and maintain strong relationships with developers, providing them with the support they need to succeed within our ecosystem. 📍Educational Initiatives: Organize and participate in workshops, webinars, and hackathons to educate developers about our platform's features and advantages. 📍Feedback Loop: Serve as a liaison between the developer community and our technical team. Collect and relay feedback to help improve our platform and its offerings. 📍Collaboration and Support: Work closely with developers to understand their needs and challenges. Offer guidance, technical support, and resources to help them overcome obstacles and thrive. 📍Advocacy: Champion our blockchain platform, highlighting its unique features and benefits. Encourage developers to build on our platform and become active participants in our ecosystem.


📍2-3 years of experience in the blockchain industry, with a proven track record in developer relationship roles. 📍Strong understanding of blockchain technology, primary tech stack, blockchain ecosystem development and its application 📍Excellent networking and relationship-building skills 📍Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written. 📍Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

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