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IOTA Foundation
Developer Experience Smart Contract Engineer ISC Solidity
4 months ago | 747 views | 5 applications

Developer Experience Smart Contract Engineer ISC Solidity

Per year
$105,000 To $120,000

About the company

The IOTA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 2017 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The Foundation’s mission is to drive the development and standardization of new distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) that enable permissionless innovation ecosystems. To realize this potential the IOTA Foundation is actively building a collaborative of developers, start-ups, private enterprises, and government, civil society and academic institutions.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities:

📍Develop and maintain tooling around ISC to improve the developer experience, focusing on Solidity/EVM. 📍Create comprehensive and easy-to-understand tutorials, how-to guides, and other educational content that facilitate the adoption of ISC. 📍Actively engage with and support the developer community, addressing queries and providing guidance on smart contract development on ISC. 📍Collaborate to ensure the availability of accurate and user-friendly documentation. 📍Continuously gather feedback from the developer community to identify areas for improvement in tools and resources. 📍Stay updated on the latest trends and updates in smart contract development, particularly in Solidity/EVM, to ensure ISC remains relevant and competitive. 📍Promote best practices in smart contract development within the community.

Skills & Qualifications

Qualifications: 📍Strong experience in Solidity/EVM, Smart Contract Programming, and Go, with a good understanding of blockchain and smart contract principles. 📍Proficiency in TypeScript is a plus. 📍Ability to identify and translate user needs into practical developer tools and resources. 📍The ability to create clear, engaging, and informative technical content tailored to various skill levels is a plus. 📍Good communication skills in English, both written and verbal. 📍Passionate about blockchain technology, with a particular interest in L1 and L2 smart contracts and decentralized solutions. 📍Ability to work collaboratively across teams.

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