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DeFi Protocol Engineer
5 months ago | 313 views | 2 applications

DeFi Protocol Engineer

Remote, London

About the company

Clearmatics is a blockchain protocol engineering company that builds decentralised financial market infrastructures that are more open, efficient, and resilient than those serving legacy market structures of today. We have a bold vision for this new market infrastructure - enabling market participants to solve currently unaddressed problems of the real economy, including "missing markets" problems. We aim to achieve our vision through technologies that allow peer-to-peer trading and settlement within new markets, and with digital assets whose values track real-world risk factors that currently have no suitable expression in legacy markets. No matter the nature of a risk factor, whether macro-economic or climactic, our mission is to make important risk factors tradable; by anyone, anywhere, without reliance on financial intermediaries. We are building this new infrastructure in collaboration with incredible trading and blockchain communities. Clearmatics was founded in 2015, and we have ever since been committed advocates of Open Source development, and active participants in the blockchain and cryptography research communities. We've also been an active participant and supporter of decentralized infrastructure initiatives.

Job Summary


📍You will design and prototype decentralised financial protocols on Autonity that will enable the creation of decentralised risk markets in real-world risk factors. 📍This will involve working on a wide range of problems including smart derivatives, DEX trading & settlement protocols, algorithmic stabilisation, data oracles, liquid staking, and more. 📍Working alongside smart contract engineers, you will provide clarity on technical design choices, as well as review and contribute code and tests to a growing Solidity code base. Collaborating with quantitative researchers, you will contribute to the development of new models and simulations, and support the research effort where necessary. 📍You will be responsible for producing written technical design specifications for external publication and internal use. You will also need to stay up to date with new developments in the DeFi and broader blockchain space, and to engage with the Autonity community to address protocol design problems.


📍2+ years experience designing, researching, or implementing DeFi protocols 📍Bachelor's degree in a relevant quantitative or computational field of study 📍Broad and deep understanding of the DeFi landscape and major DeFi primitives 📍An understanding of financial derivatives and quantitative finance fundamentals 📍Proficiency in Python programming and Ethereum development 📍Proficiency with the Python scientific computing stack (NumPy, Pandas, Jupyter) 📍The ability to document and explain DeFi protocols clearly and concisely 📍Love of Mathematics and the ability to translate Mathematical concepts into code 📍Experience analysing timeseries and market data using SQL and GraphQL

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