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Cryptography Researcher
about 1 year ago | 925 views | 2 applications

Cryptography Researcher


About the company

The Native zkEVM Scaling Solution for Ethereum Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum that enables native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools.

Job Summary

Job Duties

📍Survey existing zkEVM, zkVM, and various ZKP protocols through code and papers. 📍Propose new design and optimizations for zkEVM. 📍Improve our current protocol using advanced crypto constructions such as new ZKP schemes. 📍Keep the engineering team up to date with the latest in ZKP research and make sure they are aligned with research-driven designs. 📍Establish collaborations with universities and external researchers to solve open problems.


📍Fluency in Rust, C++, or similar languages. We work primarily in Rust, but prior experience is not mandatory. 📍Strong background in math, cryptography, or computer science. Most of the crypto team holds a PhD in cryptography, math or physics, but a formal academic degree is not a strict requirement. 📍Ability to read and write academic papers. 📍Ability to present and explain cutting-edge crypto research to engineers 📍Ability to pick up new things beyond cryptography (i.e. details of EVM). 📍Experience in blockchain infrastructure development or cryptography preferred


📍Work from anywhere with flexible hours 📍Generous paid time off 📍Home office set up 📍Annual growth budget 📍Coworking membership allowance 📍Private healthcare in selected countries 📍Competitive salary package

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