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Stellar Development Foundation
Community Manager
7 months ago | 658 views | 2 applications

Community Manager

San Francisco
Per year
$95,000 To $135,000

About the company

Interested in working on cutting-edge blockchain technology and creating equitable access to the global financial system? Since 2014, the mission-driven team at the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has helped fuel the tremendous growth of the Stellar blockchain network, an open-source platform that operates at high-scale today. Developers and companies around the world build on it, and the SDF team is expanding to support the rapidly growing and changing Stellar ecosystem. The launch of Soroban, the new smart contracts platform designed to work well with Stellar, brings a wealth of opportunity for innovation. When you join SDF as a Community Manager, you will be a part of a team that’s leveraging that opportunity to increase developer participation in order to bootstrap the ecosystem of tools, protocols, dapps, and educational resources necessary for Soroban to succeed.

Job Summary

In this role, you will:

📍Own Discord membership numbers, identify ways to increase Discord community engagement, optimize Discord community channels, and manage moderator and ambassador roles in the ecosystem; 📍Own the community events calendar and partner with event owners as needed; 📍Create and host workshops, meetups, office hours, game nights, and other in-person and/or virtual events to bring new developers into the ecosystem and make them excited to experiment with Stellar and Soroban; 📍Build hype and excitement around developer-facing programs and resources, find ways to make these programs and resources more impactful, and use them to educate, onboard, and engage developers, and encourage community members to do the same. 📍Create social content to promote programs and communicate the Stellar community culture; 📍Establish a pulse on online discussion regarding Stellar and report back to SDF patterns in feedback, questions, and potential blockers; 📍Design and pitch ideas for attracting new developers and enthusiasts to the Stellar community; 📍Seek out devs in other ecosystems for whom Stellar may be a good fit, and build relationships to bring them into the ecosystem.

You have:

📍3+ years of professional experience working with developer communities and awareness of their specific needs and wants; 📍Experience and passion for running online communities where developers congregate, especially Discord, and a track record of growing them; 📍Experience being a part of or managing blockchain or smart contract communities; 📍A passion for technology, the ability to articulate technical concepts to diverse audiences, and an eagerness to learn anything you don’t know; 📍Excellent writing and speaking skills, and the ability to set the tone in online spaces through various modes of communication; 📍Creativity, drive, and self-direction when it comes to organizing community spaces, developing initiatives to grow and reward community members, and finding ways to surface the right information and enable relationships; 📍Eagerness, presence, and a love of talking to people and bringing positivity to others; 📍A desire to be a welcoming and insightful manager within the community, with attention to increasing equitable access.

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