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Presto Labs
Business Strategy Manager
7 months ago | 747 views | 2 applications

Business Strategy Manager


About the company

Presto Labs is a fast-growing quantitative trading firm established in 2014. We develop automated trading strategies and the related systems to trade traditional financial products as well as cryptocurrency assets. Presto Labs focuses on statistical analysis and the automation of investment decisions to minimize human bias in fast-changing financial world.

Job Summary


📍Develop and execute a comprehensive firm-wide strategy in alignment with the company’s long-term goals 📍Formulate data-driven strategies that drive growth across various funnels, including user acquisition, activation and reactivation. Identify key user behaviors, and evaluate financial impacts of our business activities. 📍Analyze complex business problems to identify key gaps, develop data-driven solutions, and present findings to company-wide key stakeholders 📍Perform in-depth financial analysis and create accurate financial projections to support strategic decision-making process and resource allocation 📍Monitor industry trends, market dynamics and competitive landscape to proactively identify emerging opportunities, such as new business, partnership and investment opportunities, and their potential impact/risk 📍Conduct comprehensive research on industry benchmarks, competitor anlaysis, and market dynamics to provide insights for development of our long-term business strategies 📍Operate in an agile and adaptable work environment, and embrace the ability to pivot swiftly and navigate through ambiguity to drive business results 📍Communicate complex data analysis results to technical and non-technical stakeholders through clear data visualization, reports and presentations. Utilize the data analysis and insights derived into action items and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation 📍Collaborate with various teams, including Operations, Marketing, and Product to align strategic objectives and ensure cohesive executions to attain tangible results. Also to provide guidance for other team members throughout the data collection and analytics process, and contribute to data-driven decision-making company culture 📍Lead continuous improvement efforts by developing and implementing performance metrics, tracking progress and facilitating necessary adjustments to optimize financial decisions and operational endeavors

What we want you to have

📍Bachelor’s degree or above in Business, Data Science, Statistics or a related field 📍Proven experience in a business strategy and/or management consulting role, with experience and expertise in data analytics and/or science for at least 3 years 📍Excellent problem-solving skills and experience with working with large and complex datasets 📍Proficiency in programming languages and/or data query languages such as R, SQL or similar for data analysis and modeling 📍Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, etc. 📍Experience in an early stage startup 📍Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to analyze and convey complex concepts to various stakeholders 📍High English proficiency 📍Have strong project management skills

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