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Blockchain Integration Specialist
at RDX
17 days ago | 67 views | Be the first one to apply

Blockchain Integration Specialist

United Kingdom
Per year
$122,000 To $180,000

About the company

Who are we? RDX Works is a new protocol, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but super fast and easy to build on. Six years ago, we started from scratch so that every person and device in the world could use it simultaneously, without centralization or compromise. Instead of smart contracts we created building blocks, making applications, tokens and coins as easy to deploy as possible. It’s fast, it works and our test net is already live. RDX Works has built up a global following 43,000 interested community members, companies and developers from around the world. As well as raising money from some of the top European VCs and Funds. What problems are we solving? Currently, money is hyper-local, it exists in small pools in each country with specialised service and tech providers specific to the jurisdiction. RDX Works changes that. We believe businesses should create money without borders. Our ledger provides API toolkits to developers that includes the regulatory wrappers, removing much of the need for developers and companies to worry about regulatory compliance, client money rules and jurisdictional red tape. We can do that because RDX Works is a next-generation decentralised ledger technology. We believe this is what technology should look like and we are looking for talent to help us deliver on our promise.

Job Summary

Who are we looking for?

📍You reliably get a warm glow every time you get a ‘Hello World’ interaction working between two different systems. 📍You’re a jack of all trades. You can program a bit, script a bit, sysadmin a bit, you have a handle on basic database stuff—and you’re able to learn more as needed. 📍You’re entirely comfortable with high-level directions like “check out this project’s site and figure out if it’s able to supply that kind of information, and then automate pulling it in.” 📍You like learning, and you like to do new things. The thought of tackling something you don’t yet know how to do is invigorating, not intimidating. 📍Our company values resonate with you - Ask for help, get shit done. Be excellent to each other. Take initiative, you’ve got this. Do the right thing, not the easy thing. Strong opinions, loosely held.

What do you need?

📍You have been around tech for a while and have worn many hats. 📍You are autonomous and are able to take a task from requirements to production. This can include writing code, tests, setting up CI/CD pipelines (we use Github actions) and writing Helm charts. 📍We use Docker, Kubernetes and Helm charts and a variety of cloud platforms (AWS/GCP), so we’d like to see demonstrable knowledge. 📍You would need to be familiar with DevOps principles and practices, including monitoring (Prometheus and Grafana). 📍You must have coding experience with Python and/or Typescript. 📍Being comfortable speaking & presenting to technical and non-technical audiences. 📍Being comfortable taking the initiative and enjoying solving problems by using your technical knowledge. 📍Technically we would like to see experience with Linux & working in, deploying, and troubleshooting Node.js/C#/Java based solutions. 📍Being comfortable supporting & working with external clients. 📍Bonus if you are familiar with Apache Airflow.

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