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Rome Protocol
Blockchain Integration: Intern
about 2 months ago | 255 views | 2 applications

Blockchain Integration: Intern

New York, Los Angeles
Per year
$50,000 To $120,000

About the company

Rome Protocol is building a shared sequencer network leveraging Solana. Shared sequencers solve the biggest problems for Ethereumā€™s rollup-centric future. Using Solana as a shared sequencer leverages a well-tested, secure, and high throughput network to solve these problems. We are building a shared sequencer that can be integrated with any Ethereum based rollups. It is intended to be used for thousands of rollups. We work in person from our Los Angeles and New York offices, and are remote friendly.

Job Summary


šŸ“Community Engagement: Engage with developers via online platforms and events, focusing on rollups and web3 applications that can integrate with Rome. šŸ“Content Creation: Produce tutorials, blog posts, and videos that highlight advanced concepts such as decentralized sequencing and Zero Knowledge VM integrations. šŸ“Technical Support: Assist developers with issues related to our products and APIs, offering solutions and guidance. šŸ“Feedback Collection: Gather and communicate developer feedback to improve our offerings and documentation. šŸ“Event Support: Help organize and execute developer events to promote community growth. šŸ“Documentation Enhancement: Collaborate with teams to enhance documentation based on evolving product features and feedback. šŸ“Advocacy and Evangelism: Advocate for our products by participating in discussions and speaking at events, focusing on innovations such as atomic composability and interoperability enabled by Rome.


šŸ“Educational Background: Currently pursuing or having recently completed a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a closely related field. šŸ“Blockchain Passion: A strong enthusiasm for blockchain technology, development, and nurturing developer communities. šŸ“Communication Skills: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable of effectively interacting with developers of various technical skill levels. šŸ“Programming Proficiency: Skill in at least one programming language such as Python, Rust, or TypeScript, and familiarity with dev tools like GitHub and Docker. šŸ“Independence and Initiative: Proven ability to work autonomously, manage priorities, and adhere to deadlines, with experience in implementing integrations and projects. šŸ“Relevant Experience: While not mandatory, previous involvement in developer relations, technical writing, or community management is desirable. šŸ“Technical Depth: Understanding of software engineering and DevOps practices, and familiarity with Ethereum client architecture, particularly EVM, and Rollup technologies like Geth, enhancing your ability to contribute effectively in this role.

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