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Blockchain Developer
about 1 year ago | 1089 views | 9 applications

Blockchain Developer

Remote, Canada, United Kingdom
Per year
$60,000 To $120,000

About the company

We’re — a marketplace where we match you with hand-picked startups from the US and Europe.

Job Summary

You’ll love working with us, because:

📍We understand that respecting your time is key to your success, which is why we connect you with teams that won’t micromanage or require time trackers. 📍You can earn $5k - $10k monthly (the rate may differ due to skill and/or level of experience), and we’ve already paid out over $10M to our engineers. 📍With flexible working hours and the ability to work asynchronously, you can choose a schedule that works best for you. 📍Say goodbye to project managers, and hello to direct communication with clients. Most of them have technical backgrounds. Sounds good, yeah? 📍No more hunting for clients or negotiating rates - let us handle the business side of things so you can focus on what you do best. 📍Enjoy the fast-paced startup environment that will keep you motivated and engaged. 📍Pass the interviews now and start working when you’re ready - even if that’s a few months down the line. 📍We’ll manually find you the best project to match your skills and preferences. 📍Connect with the best developers in the world through our community.


📍3+ years of programming experience in any of the following: Solidity, Solana, Web3.js, Ethereum+ ethers.js, DEFI, NFT 📍5+ years of experience using any of the following: Python, Rust, Node.js 📍Experience with system architecture is a strong advantage 📍Knowledge of cryptography and blockchain protocol 📍Knowledge of blockchain management and data protection 📍Experience in Bitcoin Core code bases and blockchain with a focus on privacy-oriented solutions 📍Good command of English, both written and spoken, as you’ll be communicating with clients directly 📍Strong organizational skills — ability to work full-time remotely with no supervision 📍Responsibility — we want to trust you 📍Soft skills — we value clear and effective communication, at the same time don’t force you becoming a public speaker 📍Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply now and join the family!

If your experience matches with our requirements be ready for the next steps:

📍VideoAsk (about 10 minutes) 📍Completing your me.lemon profile 📍30 minutes Screening call with our Recruiters 📍Technical Interview with our Developers 📍Feedback 📍Magic Box (we are looking for best project for you) 📍P.S. We work with developers from LATAM, Canada, UK, Europe BUT we have some exceptions.

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